TaylorMade R7 Quad Review

By Jon McCammon


The TaylorMade R7 Quad Driver has been one of the most reliable drivers in all of golf for years. This driver can be adjusted for a golfer's swing by simply moving the heel and toe weights around to produce the desired result. The R7, which is the predecessor to the R9 driver, is still in use in some professional golf organizations and can be purchased for under $200 through local retail stores and some online shopping sites.


Having the ability to change the dynamics of the R7 Quad gives the golfer the advantage of creating a different feel for the driver. The factory settings (center weights are 10g and the heel and toe weights are 2g), allow a player to use a choked-up grip that straightens out a fade. When a fade is needed, adjusting to a full grip and taking a regular swing should produce the necessary result.


Adjusting the weights won't help your swing if you can't duplicate the same swing each time. Setting the weights once per practice helps to adjust your accuracy. However, setting the club every five swings, for example, will confuse you and just get you frustrated in trying to find the correct balance. For the average golfer, accuracy becomes more important at this stage of the game instead of distance.

Bottom Line

For the casual golfer that wants the capabilities of a high-end driver and yet can't justify spending $400 to $500 on a single club, the R7 Quad may be a purchase that completes the bag.


About The Author

Living in Corona California, Jon McCammon has been writing about golf and golf related activities for several months. His articles appear on GolfLink.com where his background gives an insider's view of the casual sport. McCammon is a technical writer for a large U.S. based corporation and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from West Coast University.


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