Review of Callaway Golf Shoes

By J.D. Chi


As with all things Callaway, the company's golf shoes are a great product. And they make shoes for just about every price range. Callaway golf shoes are generally well-made, durable shoes, and many are waterproof, which as any golfer will tell you is critical. Callaway makes shoes for men and women in a variety of colors and styles. Prices range from under $60 for the more utilitarian models to up to nearly $200 for higher-end styles. In either case, the shoes come with easy-to-change plastic spikes and a spike replacement tool.

Field Use

Nothing says golf more than Callaway and the company's shoes prove that they are serious about all things golf. On balance, Callaway's shoes have excellent grip on the course and, after breaking in, are very comfortable. Callaway golf shoes offer plenty of arch support as well as additional cushioning, so walking 18 is quite comfortable. There is plenty of reinforcement in the heel and toe, so neither come apart after wear. The molded soles are also well-attached, so they don't separate from the shoe. For women, Callaway offers multiple choices, including a "spikeless" model that claims to have good hold on the fairways and greens. Great for dry playing conditions, these shoes are quite slippery when wet.

Pros and Cons

Combine the great padding in the shoe, reinforcement and the stylish good looks of Callaway's shoes and there is little negative to say. Fashion-conscious golfers have a wide variety of color and style choices, from traditional lace-ups to more sporty Velcro models. The shoes offer great support and hold up well over time. The "spikeless" models for women are comfortable, but leave something to be desired in the grip department. In addition, because the small nubs on the bottom cannot be replaced, the lifetime on these shoes may be limited. The arch support in these shoes is great, but may be uncomfortable for "flat-footed" players. Check out the shoe before buying to see if the arch support can be removed and replaced with an insole.

Bottom Line

Other than avoiding the "spikeless" models, it's tough to go wrong with a Callaway product. The shoes are well-made and comfortable, which is of paramount importance. In addition, Callaway has incorporated the "DrySport/RainSport" waterproofing technology into most of its shoes, so your feet will stay dry (or mostly dry) on a rainy day. Callaway's golf shoes are made of leather uppers rather than synthetic materials, and most shoes are really lightweight. Sometimes, you might even forget you're wearing golf shoes--particularly if you remember how heavy shoes were even 15 years ago. Overall, the product, selection and wide price range make Callaway golf shoes an excellent purchase.

About the Author

J.D. Chi is a professional journalist who has covered sports for more than 20 years at newspapers all over the United States. She has covered major golf tournaments and the NFL as well as travel and health topics. Chi received her Bachelor of Arts in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University and is working toward a master's degree in journalism.