Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X Mallet Putters Review

By Kellie Noszka

Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X Putters

When it comes to premium putters, golf club manufacturer Scotty Cameron immediately comes to mind. Last year’s release of the Phantom X line introduced 10 new mallet-style putters with a focus on excellent weight distribution, forgiveness and feel.

Expanding on a Popular Line

Four new models of the Phantom X are set to be released late this month, with Tour golfers already getting a trial run at the new putters. In fact, it was input from Tour golfers that helped inspire the changes to the 2021 Phantom X putters.

The most popular models from last year – the Phantom X 5 and the Phantom X 12 - are the inspiration for this year’s versions. The 2021 Phantom X 5 and 5.5 putters have a similar mallet head as last year’s model but with a different shaft.

More dramatic tweaks are seen in the Phantom X 12; with the 2021 release, the putters even take on a new number – Phantom X 11 and 11.5. We’ll touch more on the differences in the four putters below.

Common Features Across the Four New Phantom X Putters

All four of the new Phantom X putters have a solid, precision-milled 303 stainless steel face and body with a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum sole and flange component. What exactly does that mean? Think Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe – strength meets flair for a combination that exudes performance and playability with a consistent sound and feel.

Each putter has two customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights for excellent balance and forgiveness. Expect a smooth, consistent putting stroke every time.

Sole of the 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Putter

How Did Justin Thomas Influence the New Phantom X Putters?

Scotty Cameron consulted with many Tour professionals before updating the 2021 Phantom X putters, but the biggest influence was from 2017 PGA Championship winner, Justin Thomas. In 2020, Thomas used a prototype of the Phantom X 5.5 putter.

Only 2,020 of the limited-edition putters were released but they quickly grabbed the interest of other golfers. The 2021 Phantom X 5.5 putter has the same small neck that produces an arced stroke. The putter has a flowing blade-like feel with the stability of a mallet head.

What Tour Golfers Use a 2021 Phantom X Putter?

Since the putters were just recently released, not many Tour golfers have officially made the switch. Max Homa used the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 putter when he won the PGA Tour’s 2021 Genesis Invitational in late February. It was the second Tour win for the 30-year-old Homa.

What are the Differences in the 2021 Phantom X Putters?

While the mallet putters share many characteristics, there are some differences that make each 2021 Phantom X putter unique.

  • Phantom X 5 Putter – This mid-mallet resembles the Futura putter head, compact with a wingback shape. The single bend shaft minimizes arc in the putting stroke. This putter earned a spot on our list of the best mallet putters you can buy.
  • Phantom X 5.5 Putter – As mentioned, this club has a slight slant neck to create more arc in your stroke. The design also allows for a clear view of the ball from address.
  • Phantom X 11 Putter – One knock on the popular Phantom X 12 was the huge head. The Phantom X 11 putter is more compact with a sleek profile. Its mid-bend shaft minimizes face rotation and arc during the stroke
  • Phantom X 11.5 Putter – This club is the same as the Phantom X 11 except the low-bend shaft enhances toe flow for an arced putting stroke. The design also increases the MOI for more forgiveness.


Loft Lengths Lie
3.5° 33", 34", 35" 70°
Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X 11 Putter

Enhanced Alignment Aids

The sightlines on the 2021 Phantom X putters are more pronounced than ever. The 5 and 5.5 models feature black sightlines. On the 11 and 11.5 models, the sightlines are painted light gray, a nice contrast to the black back of the club.

How Much Do the Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X Putters Cost?

As is the case with most Scotty Cameron putters, premium quality and engineering come at a higher price than most putters. All models of the Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X putters retail for over $400.

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