Hitting from Uphill Lies

By Milo S

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Hitting from an uphill lie presents the opposite challenges of hitting downhill.

First, it is important to note, that the ball will come out on a higher trajectory than one from a level lie and your club will contact the ground later in relation to your stance line.

As you would from a downhill lie, you want to set your shoulders to the angle of the hill while being careful if it is a particularly severe slope.

Move the ball forward in your stance, so your clubhead will contact the ball at the bottom of your swing arc. Take a few practice swings to see where the club hits the ground and note that for your ball position.

The slope of the hill will add loft to your club. Your 8-iron will act more like a 9 so take the extra club to counteract the higher trajectory of shot the slope will produce.

Swing through the shot. A three-quarter finish can further promote a more controlled ball flight.