Best Golf Gloves: Find the Glove That Fits Your Game

By Todd Mrowice

FootJoy StaSoft golf gloves

There’s nothing quite like slipping on a brand new golf glove. The unboxing, the first wear, the new Velcro. The new glove doesn’t know all of the pain the last one went through, it’s like starting anew.

A bit dramatic? Sure.

A new golf glove does have some positivity to it though, and it starts with making the right purchase. With so many options available in the golf glove market, which ones are the best? Here is our guide for finding the best glove for your shopping and playing needs.

Best Overall: Asher Golf Glove

Asher Golf flint steel gloves

Asher Golf came onto the golf scene in 2009 and brought to the market a line of golf gloves that shook things up. Some bright colors, some muted colors, all on a classic looking base of a golf glove.

Since then, Asher has become one of the most popular golf gloves not only for style, but also durability and feel. With over 25 different colors to choose from, Asher’s AAA Cabretta Leather gloves are comfortable and ready for a ton of rounds, while also keeping your golf outfit an A+.

Best Premium: TaylorMade Tour Preferred

TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove

TaylorMade has a lot of touring professionals, and chances are when you’re watching them on TV they’re wearing this glove. The Tour Preferred glove is made from AAA Cabretta Soft Tech™ Leather, meeting the standard you would imagine a touring professional has. It has a moisture-wicking, contoured fit wrist. It’s also highly flexible for being a leather glove and has an engineered perforation for breathability.

Best Value: FootJoy WeatherSof (2-pack)

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

It’s safe to say that more FootJoy golf gloves have been sold in the world than any other brand. So why would FJ be our pick as the Best Value golf glove? Well, because two of their WeatherSof gloves for $20 is a steal.

You can get a single WeatherSof glove for around $12, also a great value. The WeatherSof glove is tried and true with over 90 million sold. This glove is versatile, soft, durable, and definitely outplays its price.

Best Style: Palm Golf Co Aloha

Palm Golf Co is another company that has disrupted what once was a fairly simple golf glove market. The company aims to provide premium gloves that also have a ton of style.

Palm Golf Co has a bunch of great patterns to choose from including the Aloha glove which has a smooth black AAA Cabretta Leather base with a Hawaiian floral print on the fingers and around the wrist of the glove. The glove’s Velcro is topped by the company’s signature palm tree.

Best in Rain: Zero Restriction Golf Windstopper

If you get caught in the rain on the golf course you can get by as long as your grips and your glove stay dry.

Thankfully, Zero Restriction makes some of the best products to keep you dry on the golf course and the Windstopper gloves are the best you can find. The shell is made from Pittards Leather, so they are very flexible. The Windstopper membrane interlining keeps your hands on the club no matter if you’re caught in a mist or a derecho.

Best in Cold: FootJoy StaSoft Winter

FootJoy StaSoft Winter golf gloves

If you’re a fan of fall or winter golf you know it’s vitally important to keep your hands warm. A pair of winter gloves from your closet won’t get the job done, so you need a pair of gloves specifically engineered for golf like the StaSoft Winter gloves from FootJoy. These gloves combine a great feel with premium gripping without hindering your ability to hold the golf club. Warm hands, better swing, better scores.

Best Ladies Golf Glove: Under Armour UA CoolSwitch

Under Armour has an entire lineup of golf gloves under the CoolSwitch design. This glove, specifically designed for ladies, might be the best though.

These gloves actually pull heat away from your hands, making them cooler in hot conditions. The Premium Grip system gives a reliable and consistent feeling when making a swing. Made from a soft Cabretta Leather for premium comfort.

Best Junior: Wilson Junior Fit All

Wilson Junior Fit All golf glove

Buying golf gloves for junior golfers isn’t the easiest. Aside from not being sure about size, juniors grow quickly. The Junior Fit All Glove from Wilson takes the guesswork out of the whole process because this glove is one size fits all (juniors, that is).

Constructed for hand sizes from ages 7-11, the Junior Fit All is durable, comfortable with a mesh and synthetic materials, and comes in three fun color options.

About the Author

Todd Mrowice is a Staff Writer for GolfLink. He has been writing about golf for over 10 years including a long tenure at GOLFChicago Magazine. Todd has covered all aspects of the game including travel, products, business, and professional tours.