What Is the Difference Between Nike Slingshot OSS & Tour Clubs?

By Marc Jenkins

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Many times, when golf club manufacturers make different series or lines of clubs, they tend to make some within each series very similar. In the similar series clubs, there are minor differences or adjustments that have been made to one or the other based on the specifications and or price of each model. Nike is easily one of the top club makers today, and they are no exception to making similar yet different golf clubs. Here are the differences between the Nike Slingshot OSS irons and the Nike Slingshot Tour irons.

Construction Differences

Both the Nike Slingshot OSS and Tour irons are constructed with a unique patented technology known as Air Center of Gravity; however, there are many things that are different. The club face on the Slingshot OSS irons are made with 455 stainless steel, which is much lighter, stronger and faster than many other irons on the market. However, the Slingshot Tour irons trump their siblings in that aspect since they are constructed with 431 stainless steel, which is 25 percent softer than 17-4 stainless steel, the most common metal used in golf irons.

The Slingshot OSS irons are made with the average golfer in mind, which is why many experts and players alike call them the best improvement irons available. The Slingshot Tour irons do not offer as much game correction because they are made with golfers who play at a higher level and with a lower handicap in mind.

Forgiveness Difference

When it comes to the forgiveness level between the Slingshot OSS irons and the Slingshot Tour irons, there is definitely a slight disparity. The Slingshot OSS irons offer extreme and unmatched forgiveness to users, which is one of the main reasons why they are such great improvement irons. However, the Slingshot Tour irons do not give the same level of forgiveness; they are more in tune with exactly what you are supposed to do on the course. As any golfer knows, if your game is subpar, then the extra forgiveness is needed; if your game is better than most, then the challenge of having to do more on your own is exciting.

Difference of Style

The style difference is another major difference between the Slingshot OSS irons and the Slingshot Tour irons. While the Slingshot Tour irons maintain the look of the OSS irons, they have a subdued offset, a more compact club head and appealing lines that should please more discriminating golfers. When it comes to the shaft styles and makeup between the two iron sets, the OSS irons come standard with the Mitsubishi Diamana graphite shafts, while the Tour irons have Dynamic Gold Shafts produced by True Temper.

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