Top 5 Best Gas Golf Carts: The Definitive List

By Todd Mrowice

Golf carts on hilly course

Making the investment to purchase your own personal golf cart is probably more than you bargained for. As time has gone on, the ability to customize golf carts in addition to standard options has grown exponentially. If the one factor that you've decided on is gas power instead of electric, here's a list of some of the best and most popular models available.

E-Z-GO Valor

Price: $7,499

A staple in the E-Z-GO lineup, the Valor is a very popular model for first-time and repeat buyers of personal golf carts. Its EX1 closed-loop EFI gas engine is new and provides more than sufficient power. A versatile and flexible golf cart, E-Z-GO touts the Valor as being able to accommodate any lifestyle. As far as golf course use is concerned, this is a great start to owning a cart.


Price: $8,399

If you've owned the Valor and are looking to step it up for your next purchase, or your budget simply has a little more wiggle room, the E-Z-GO TXT is next level. This cart has the same EX1 closed-loop EFI gas engine as the Valor, but has some additional comfort. Specifically, upgraded seats that hug you a little more. In addition, there are twelve sharp color options for you to choose from.

Yamaha Drive 2

Price: $8,241

Yamaha Drive 2 golf cart on course

You get what you pay for, and you can never go wrong with Yamaha. The Drive 2 is Yamaha's main option when it comes to personal golf carts. The gas version is powered by a 357 cc low-emission engine that climbs uphill with ease. An upgraded body styling over previous models will turn heads as will the nine unique color options available for those looking to purchase.

Club Car Onward

Price: $9,870

Club Car, as a whole, tends to be a little more luxurious as far as options go. The Onward 2 Passenger has wrap-around bumpers, ergonomic seating, and even has a Monsoon Canopy designed to angle rain water away from passengers. Standard LED lights and turn signals make the Onward model the ideal choice for those that play golf and live in a golf-cart-friendly community.


Price: $8,999

E-Z-GO having three of the five gas golf carts on this list says a lot about the brand. And if E-Z-GO is your top choice, you're aiming for the RXV model. This cart offers independent-front suspension and the most storage space in the E-Z-GO lineup. A modern dash allows for plenty of drink space and an optional under-seat storage area keeps your personal belongings safe and dry.

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