The Top 5 Best Gas Golf Carts

By Glenn Mcanally

Gas golf carts are indispensable because they let golfers play faster, allowing more players to get through the course in a single day. Gas-powered golf carts will travel almost twice as fast as an electric cart. If you are considering buying a golf cart for personal or commercial use, here is a list of the best gas golf carts.

Most Powerful: Yamaha UMAX Rally

The Yamaha UMAX looks like an off-road vehicle at first glance. It has lifted suspension and 23" tires, which allows it to handle any uneven terrain easily and has a 1500 pound towing capacity.


This gas golf cart is faster than average, with top speeds of 19 MPH. 


The main drawback of the Yamaha UMAX gas golf cart is the rugged and bold styling (including thick guards and fender flares), which isn't for everyone. This golf cart would look out of place at a pretigous private golf club. 


For those golfers who prefer power over looks, the Yamaha UMAX is the perfect choice. It retails for $8,995 MSRP. 


Most Affordable: Yamaha Drive 2 Gas Golf Cart

Yamaha is a respected leader in the golf cart industry. Their gas golf carts balance comfort with performance. Most parts are sealed well, so there is no risk of corrosion from water exposure. The Drive 2 also has an elegant look that is sure to stand out on the golf course. 


This golf cart delivers excellent value for someone entering the gas golf cart market for the first time.


The only drawbacks of the Yamaha 2 Drive gas golf cart are that the engine power (11 horsepower) and top speed (15 MPH) are just average. It also only seats two people, so you may want to choose another model if you regularly golf as a foursome.


The Yamaha 2 Drive retails at $5,000 MSRP. 


Most Reliable: E-Z-Go RVX Golf Cart

E-Z-Go is the world's largest manufacturer of utility carts and has a reputation for producing long-lasting, durable vehicles that hold value well in the resale market. The E-Z-Go RVX is also equipped with IntelliBreak technology to ensure your safety. E-Z-Go offers the RVX as a gas golf cart or a hybrid golf cart.


The E-Z-Go RXV gas-powered golf cart is a a durbale golf cart that holds it's value.


The main drawbacks of the E-Z-Go RVX are the plain styling and the lowest top speed on this list (only 13 MPH.) It also only seats two passengers. 


The E-Z-Go RVX retails for $7,000 MSRP.


Most Versatile: Club Car Onward 4 

Club Cars are made by Ingersoll Rand, which is the largest manufacturer of golf carts in the United States. The Onward gas golf cart is a premium cart which has plenty of space. It’s a fast golf cart with a top speed of 19 MPH. The Onward 4 is also especially good at climbing steep hills.


The Onward 4 is the roomiest cart on this list, offering seating for four golfers. The back seat also folds down for additional hauling capacity. Best of all, this gas golf cart is street legal, so you can take it to the beach, the golf course and beyond. 


There really aren't any major drawbacks to the Club Car Onward 4, except that the suspension could be a bit sturdier on rugged terrain and it's priced on the higher side.


Club Car's Onward 4 model retails for $8,995 MSRP. 


Best Overall Value: Club Car Villager 2

Club Car gas golf carts are known for their rustproof frames, so you can expect this golf cart to be low-maintenance. So, how does this cart compare to the other Club Car golf cart (the Onward 4) on this list?


The Villager 2 shares the same fast speed as the Onward 4 (topping out at 19 MPH) and climbs hills easily. It's middle-of-the-road price also makes it more accessible than the Onward 4 and other more expensive gas golf carts, without compromising on quality. 


The Club Car Villager 2 only seats two golfers (compared to the Onward 4 which seats four golfers.)


The Club Car Villager 2 retails for $6,729 MSRP.


How to Shop for a Gas Golf Cart

The most important things to consider are where you'll be golfing and who you'll be golfing with. Is your local course full of hills and bumps? Choose the Yamaha UMAX gas golf cart. Do you golf at a prestigous country club where looks matter? Choose the classic Club Car Onward 4. Most importantly, ask youself if two seats is enough, or if you'd rather have four. 

Whichever gas golf cart you choose, think of it as an investment that will enhance your enjoyment of your golf game for many years to come. 


About The Author

Glenn McAnally is a thriller novelist and life long golfer who lives in Southern California. His most recent work is the action thriller Endangered as well as a story credit for the upcoming Nintendo DS title Elite Forces: Unit 77. He is a graduate of Villanova University.


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