Rules for the Ladder Golf Game

By Jackson Lewis

Ladder Golf is an outdoor game played between two teams who take turns attempting to throw a bolo made of two golf balls connected by a rope at a ladder. Each ladder rung is worth varying point values of 1, 2 or 3 points. In order to win the game, a tea must score exactly 21 points. The ladder rungs for the game are made of wood, PVC pipe or other equivalent materials at hand. Ladder golf is a popular game played at football tailgaters and other sporting events as an alternative to horse shoes.

Setup Rules for Ladder Golf

Place the toss line 15 feet from the ladder. This line is where players will throw their bolas at the opposing team's ladder from. Each team will agree to the amount of points that each ladder rung is worth. For example, the lower rung being worth one point, middle run worth two, and upper rung worth three. A coin toss determines which team will go first, and the teams will alternate turns following the first bolo toss.

Playing Rules for Ladder Golf

During each round of ladder golf, every player on each team gets a turn throwing his or her three bolas at the ladder target. The bolas must be thrown one at a time.

After every player has thrown all of their bolas, the round is over. Players may pick up their bolas. Bolas may be thrown in any manner they desire. That includes bouncing them off the ground. At the same time, opponents are allowed to distract bolo tossers through making noise and other means as long as the bolo tosser is not touched.

Additionally, no participant may cross the toss line until all players have thrown their bolas in the round.

Scoring Rules for Ladder Golf

Points are scored by hanging bolas on the ladder rungs. Typical point values for the ladder rungs are: three points for the upper rung, two for the middle, and one for the lower rung of the ladder. Bonus points are awarded if you manager to get all of your bolas on the same ladder rung or one one each rung of the ladder. Also, you can knock an opponent's bola off a ladder rung, and they lose the points previously earned. In the event of ties, play will continue until one team is two or more points ahead of the other team in a round.

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