Best Rotation Exercises

By Patrick Foley

Flexibility is extremely important. However, many people understand basic stretches and movements but lack understanding of how to stretch properly and routinely. An area that many people forget about is rotational exercises; these increase flexibility as well as help with proper motion.These exercises are rather simple, but will be extremely beneficial to rotational movement. Rotational movement is used every day, and through proper stretching you can be much more comfortable and relaxed.

Torso Twists

Torso twists are a basic exercises where you can use a dowel rod or golf club as a prop. Put this prop behind your back and hold it there with your arms by pressing the rod against your back. Then you will rotate your body as far as possible in one direction and then do so going back the opposite way. Slowly and fluidly complete 30 full twists both ways. This will increase rotational movement and help with injury prevention.

Sitting Turns

While sitting upright with your legs extended, cross one leg up over the other and put the foot of that leg on the ground. Your foot should be planted on the outside of the opposite knee. Then bring the opposite arm over the knee and push softly, rotating your torso and stretching out your back. Do this stretch for 2 sets of 20 seconds on both sides. This will increase torso mobility for rotation.

Around the World

In this exercise, stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Then bring your hands together and reach as high as you can. In a clockwise movement, move in a circular movement to your side, down to your feet and back to the top. Throughout the entire movement reach out as far as possible, creating the largest stretch. Complete 10 clockwise and 10 counterclockwise. Complete these exercises routinely for maximum benefits.

About The Author

Patrick Foley is a writer from Phoenix, AZ. He is a sports fanatic and loves football, golf, and track. He has been writing for Golf Link for almost a year. He is a college football player at the University of Pennsylvania. He is enrolled in the Wharton Business School.He has have a wide set of skills in writing and marketing.

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