Types of Nike Shoes

By Clint Hale

Nike, thanks in part to its sponsorship of phenom Tiger Woods, has made plenty of headway in recent years with an array of golf products. This includes golf shoes, for which Nike features plenty, including several series and individual models for men, women and youth golfers.

Nike Air Zoom Series

The Air Zoom series features five different models, ranging in price from $136 to $270. Those models, in descending order of price, are:
*Air Zoom TW 2009 ($270)
*Air Zoom Vapor ($176)
*Air Zoom Pro CS ($175)
*Air Zoom Elite II ($155)
*Air Zoom Tour ($136)

The Air Zoom models are considered the finest of Nike's golf shoe offerings, as evidenced in part by their retail price. Styles range from a classic feel (such as the Air Zoom Pro CS) to a bit sportier (Air Zoom Elite II).

Nike Air Max Series

This popular Nike series features three particular styles, ranging in price from $110 to $130. The three styles, in descending order of price, are:
*Air Max Rejuvenate ($130)
*Air Max Rejuvenate S ($130)
*Air Max Summer ($100)

The Rejuvenate series cost a bit more and come in a black/white color scheme, while the slightly lower-priced Summer series have more colorful options.

Nike Air Tour Series

This series of Nike golf shoes features three styles, ranging in price from $95 to $130. Those three styles, in descending order of price, are:
*Air Tour Classic ($130)
*Air Tour Sport ($110)
*Air Tour Saddle ($95)

All three styles come in a conventional black/white/gray color scheme.

Nike Power Player

This moderately priced ($75) shoe features water-resistant synthetic leather and a sleek silver/black color scheme.

Nike Heritage

This shoe, like the Power Player, is priced around $75 and features water-resistant synthetic leather.

Nike Women's Golf Shoes

While not as extensive as its men's shoes line, Nike does offer seven quality golf shoes for female golfers. These shoes, in descending price order, are:
*Air Zoom Vapor ($176)
*Air Zoom Gem ($155)
*Air Dormie ($130)
*Air Brassie II ($110)
*Nike Ace ($100)
*Air Summer Lite II ($95)
*Nike Delight II ($75)

The Air Zoom Vapor, at only 13.8 ounces, is regarded as the lightest shoe offering on the LPGA Tour, while the more moderately priced Delight II features water-resistant synthetic leather and a rubber outsole.

Nike Youth Golf Shoes

Nike features a limited selection of youth golf shoes and, in fact, only features two at the moment.
*TW Jr. 2009 ($56)
*Nike Revive Jr. ($50)

Both shoes were designed with plush insoles to cater to the sensitive and soft footing of younger golfers.

About The Author

Clint Hale has worked for a number of media outlets throughout his seven-year career, including the San Antonio Express-News (for whom he covered golf, football, and general features) and Examiner.com. He earned a Journalism degree from the University of Texas.

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