The Best Golf Clothes

By Steve Silverman

The best clothes to wear to play golf is a matter of perspective. There are many things to look at including style, comfort, price and function. All of these factors count, but how they rank in importance depends on the golfer who is buying the clothes. One universal, however, is comfort. Golfers need to be comfortable in order to swing their clubs for 18 holes.

Men's Golf Apparel

The most comfortable golf apparel will give you a chance to play your best golf on a consistent basis. It's hard to go wrong with Adidas short-sleeve golf shirts for men. These shirts combine a comfortable and loose fit with moisture-wicking characteristics that keep you cool and dry under the hottest temperatures (2009 price: $47.95).

Try the loose-fitting Callaway two-button golf shirt. These shirts come in bright colors and are built for comfort (2009 price: $59.95).

If you need golf shorts, try the Tiger Woods dri-fit shorts that wick away moisture and keep you from playing in shorts that are soaked in perspiration (2009 price: $74.95).

Women's Golf Apparel

The Nike Dri-FIT V-neck golf sweater for women features materials that keep moisture away from the skin so you are not wet and uncomfortable. The sweater keeps you warm on a cooler day, but a full round of golf leads to perspiration no matter what the temperature. The fabric pulls the moisture away from your skin and brings it to the surface of the sweater where it evaporates easily (2009 price: $51.95).

In hot weather, a sweater is the last thing on any golfer's mind. Try the Nike Golf Ladies SP Tech Polo that comes in five different colors, is light and comfortable and wicks away any perspiration (2009 price: $59.95).

The Adidas ClimaCool pleated skort is functional, fashionable and comfortable. It comes in four colors and allows you to stay cool in the hottest conditions (2009 price: $64.95).

Footjoy Classic Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are important to a golfer's ability to play the game as well as his comfort. Good golf shoes allow you to gain a foothold on the golf course and not slip when you swing the club and hit the ball. The FootJoy Mens' Classics also are supportive and comfortable enough for a golfer who walks 18 holes regularly. These shoes are made with calfskin leather, the most modern outsole technology (2009 price: $179.95).

The Ladies FootJoy LoPro Golf Shoes are extremely comfortable and fashionable. The shoes are waterproof and provide excellent support for golfers who frequently walk 18 holes. The Pulsar cleats allow you to get a good foothold in the bunker or on a slippery fairway (2009 price: $99.99).

About The Author

Steve Silverman is an award-winning writer, covering sports since 1980. Silverman authored The Minnesota Vikings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Who's Better, Who's Best in Football -- The Top 60 Players of All-Time, among others, and placed in the Pro Football Writers of America awards three times. Silverman holds a Master of Science in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism.

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