5 Things You Need To Know About Putting In Golf

By Patrick Foley

golfer on the green
Putting is the most important aspect of golf. There are many different ways to putt, and all are successful for different golfers. It is important to find what is comfortable for a certain golfer and to stick with it. Becoming a good putter takes practice. But there are a handful of areas any golfer must understand and practice to become a more successful putter. These areas are smoothness, proper backstroke, proper shoulder and arm use, reading greens and practicing. These are five vital areas of putting that must be understood for success.

Putting Smooth

When putting, it is essential to not be jerky or tight. When attempting a putt, it is important to be under control and smooth. Always practice being relaxed and taking smooth strokes with the putter. This will lead to more consistency and better feel.

Proper Backstroke

When taking back a putter, never take it back too far. When putting, it is important to never slow down when coming into the ball. Always accelerate through the ball to create consistency in putts. To increase distance on a shot, increase the distance through the ball that the putter goes. This will help increase distance and not have a golfer guessing how much they must slow down to hit the proper shot.

The Triangle

When putting, imagine your arms and shoulders as a triangle. Always keep the triangle together and do not let it break through the backstroke and all the way through the ball. This is helpful to create a consistent, reliable stroke. It also helps to keep putts straight on line.

Reading Greens

When putting, it is important to understand how to read greens. Learning how to read greens takes much practice and a feel for the game. Before attempting putts, look for breaks in the putt to set the proper line.


Practice putting more than any other part of the game. Practice short putts, long putts, putts that break left to right and right to left. Practice every putt there is. A golfer will build confidence and understanding of how to truly putt only through practice. When a golfer becomes a confident putter, he becomes a good player.

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