The Best Mizuno Irons for a High Handicapper

By Marc Jenkins

Mizuno club technician at Open Championship
Every golfer has a handicap level that describes what kind of player they are. High handicap golfers are generally beginners or players who have yet to seriously improve their game, and they need more forgiving clubs that differ from those used by better players. Mizuno manufactures some terrific options for golfers with high handicaps.

Mizuno MX-200 Forged Irons

Mizuno MX-200 forged irons are great for high handicappers. The MX-200 set comes with 4-9 irons and a pitching wedge (3-iron sold separately) constructed of Grain Flow Forged Select 1025E mild carbon steel. The shaft is available either in graphite (senior or regular flex) or True Temper gold steel (regular or stiff). Y-Tune technology (a unique technology that stretches out and expands the sweet spot on the clubface toward the toe) provides high handicappers with unlimited forgiveness that should make the game less frustrating. The MX-200 forged iron set is available for $899.99.

Mizuno MX-25 Irons

The Mizuno MX-25 irons are another great set of irons for high-handicap golfers. The MX-25 set is also constructed of Grain Flow Forged 1025E mild carbon steel, but comes in 3-9 irons and pitching wedge. The shaft is available in steel or graphite with regular or stiff flexes. The MX-25 irons have a High Energy Mass Impact center of gravity that allows maximum energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. High handicappers need every advantage they can get, and these clubs provide them. Available for $699.99.

Mizuno MX-19 Irons

The Mizuno MX-19 irons are yet another terrific option for high-handicappers. The MX-19 set is made with cast iron with a stainless steel face and comes with the 4-9 irons and a gap wedge. It's available in graphite and steel shafts with regular or stiff flexes. The MX-19 has "multi-piece wax technology" that provides a deeper and lower center of gravity, which in turn allows more forgiveness, power and accuracy. The Mizuno MX-19 iron set is available for $649.95.

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