Comparison of Nike & Titleist Golf Balls

By Steve Silverman

impact with driver from below
Medium- and low-handicap golfers may feel that their game will improve by using high-quality golf balls that are responsive to their swing. While used golf balls are cheap and probably good for golfers who lose more than four golf balls per round, golfers who can keep the ball in play and go through two balls or less per round can use high-quality golf balls to get better distance and lower their score for a given round.

Nike One Platinum

This ball will spin less when coming off the driver's face, which gives it more distance off the tee. It also provides greater control on fairway shots, and most golfers believe the Nike One Platinum provides a truer roll when on the green. This is the ball that Tiger Woods uses.
(2009 price: $24 per dozen)

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 is known for its outstanding distance off the tee. This ball also promises accuracy when propelled by a well-struck long or medium iron. The Pro V1's most outstanding characteristic may be its responsiveness to the wedge. The Pro V1 promises to "drop and stop" once it lands on the green.
(2009 price: $25 per dozen)

Titleist DT Solo

The Titleist DT Solo has a large core that benefits the medium-handicap golfer who may not be as consistent as his low-handicap competitor. The Titleist DT is quite forgiving and will get extra roll when it lands on the fairway. Its best attribute may be the true roll that you get on the green.
(2009 price: $12 per dozen)

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