The 10 Longest Golf Balls to Maximize Your Distance in 2022

By Todd Mrowice

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Best golf balls for Distance

The one constant in golf is that every player wants more distance, even if it’s only a few yards. Your golf ball is a huge factor in how far your tee shots fly, and today’s technology puts power into the hands of every player. If you’re searching for pure distance and don’t mind sacrificing a few other attributes, here are 10 of the best golf balls to get you the most yardage.

Finding a Distance Golf Ball

Professional golf has been in a war of words over the past few years over distance. Club makers push the USGA limits to the absolute max. Some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world routinely move Earth to to become longer, in an effort to keep up with today's equipment. And all the while, there’s the golf ball, which some big names in the game have said is most responsible for the distance “crisis.”

Nobody has been more vocal in favor of a limited distance golf ball than the legendary Jack Nicklaus. The Golden Bear continues to advocate, but the chances of all parties involved agreeing on a rolled-back version of a golf ball seem bleak.

Thankfully, amateur players are privy to the same great technology that professional golfers have. Whether you’re a single-digit handicap or a high-handicap player, there’s a golf ball out there that’s designed to get you the absolute most from the tee and the fairway. Here are some of the main aspects of a distance golf ball. Keep these in mind when determining which model suits you best.


Most of the golf balls that you’ll find on this list, and distance golf balls in general, are 2-piece balls. This means that they have a thin outer layer (cover) and a solid core. Two-piece balls offer the least greenside spin, but produce more roll once the ball lands.

Three and 4-piece golf balls have additional layers between the cover and core which allow for greater levels of spin on approach and skill shots. While this is very important, especially to lower-handicap players, if you’re simply looking for a ball that goes the furthest, a 2-piece ball will get the job done.

Dimples and Flight

The dimples on a distance golf ball are usually designed to fight drag and rotation while in flight, as opposed to grabbing the green. If you’re shopping for a distance golf ball, holding greens has to take a bit of a backseat to advance it the furthest.

For flight, distance golf balls typically launch mid to high with all clubs. This allows amateurs to get the ball in the air and maximize time in flight. Golf balls that launch low with a more penetrating flight are usually for lower handicap players who can achieve the distance numbers they want without a distance golf ball.


Compression rating and distance are all relative to the individual player. For seniors looking for the most distance, a lower compression, around 50 or below, accommodates slower swing speeds. For fast swing speeds, a compression rating of 90 or above can be the ticket to big distance. Also, the softer the golf ball usually means the lower compression it has.


There are definitely some drawbacks to using a golf ball that’s designed to produce the jaw-dropping distance. For one, you sacrifice performance on approach shots and around the green. Distance golf balls typically don't have the best backspin or ability to stick on the green.

Another drawback is forgiveness on off-center hits. Some of the better distance balls cut-down on left and right dispersion, but for the most part you will find that distance golf balls have a bit more side spin, especially on tee shots.

Top Golf Balls for Distance

Here are our top 10 golf balls for ultimate distance. We took into acount all aspects and all types of golfers, from low handicaps to beginners, along with our own testing.

Ball Cost/Dozen Player Profile Standout Feature
Titleist Velocity $30 Player seeking optimal performance with higher budget High trajectory and low long-game spin
Top Flite Bomb $15 Looking for the most distance and most quantity Roll after landing on driver shots
Callaway Warbird $18 Callaway fans looking for the most distance 90 compression with above average feel
TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft $11 Slow to moderate swing speed who wants quantity and quality Longevity of performance and value
Volvik Vivid $33 Players who like non-traditional colors Big distance, big colors
TaylorMade Distance+ $20 Wants big distance but values greenside spin Distance with decently soft feel
Callaway ERC Soft $35 Willing to sacrifice a little distance for increased short game spin Triple Track alignment aid
Maxfli Straightfli $20 All distance needed with no worry for soft touch Roll after landing
Srixon Q-Star $28 Players improving and trending toward a mid-handicap golf ball Distance with good greenside control
Bridgestone e12 Speed $24 Bridgestone fans who want the most distance Easy to flight low or high

Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity golf ball badges
Cost/Dozen $30 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 65
Dimples 350
Flight Mid-High
Player Profile Player seeking optimal performance with higher budget

If you’re paying attention to our other GolfLink top golf ball lists, you’ll notice that the Titleist Velocity shows up numerous times. That’s because it’s an incredibly versatile golf ball that appeals to a wide range of players. When it comes to distance, we’re awarding Velocity the number one spot on our list. This golf ball has all of the distance you need while also delivering the quality you’d expect from the number one ball brand in golf.

The Velocity is highlighted by its LSX core, which is a big reason it packs big distance gains. Its 65 compression rating is right in the sweet spot to cater to both to moderate and fast swing speed players. For moderate swing speeds, the Velocity's high launch brings in the ability to hit tee shots that run, and approach shots that stick to the green. Players with faster swing speeds will be pleasantly surprised by how low the Velocity can be flighted, if desired.

The Velocity doesn't perform like a Pro V1, but that’s not why you’re looking at this genre of golf ball. You can fully expect the same durability and quality because it’s made by Titleist, but as a true distance golf ball, keep your expectations for backspin low. The Velocity is a high-end distance ball that helps you keep up, or get past, the other golfers in your foursome.


  • Titleist quality and performance
  • Can be played by mid and high-handicap golfers
  • Good feel on short-game shots


  • Higher-end on cost for a distance golf ball

Top Flite BOMB

Top Flite Bomb golf ball badges
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $15 [Buy at Golf Galaxy]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 85
Dimples 332
Flight High
Player Profile Looking for the most distance and most quantity

When a golf ball box is stamped with, “Official Ball of World Long Drive,” you should get an idea of what the golf ball is intended to do. If not, naming it the Bomb will take care of any further doubts. The Top Flite Bomb is everything you’d expect from its face value. The epitome of a distance golf ball that will fly forever, land, run, and hopefully keep running.

The Top Flite Bomb has a firm Ionomer cover, so instantly you’ll notice the difference between this ball and some of the other balls on this list. The cover also stands up to quite a beating, which is needed with professional long drivers producing swing speeds of 140 mph. There is a soft element to this ball which you’ll mainly notice while putting. On all other shots, you’ll feel what this ball is made for, distance.

If you’re playing in a golf outing and you need some long drives among your foursome, the Top Flite Bomb should be your go-to ball. Aside from producing big distance, it also has big value because it’s sold as a 24-pack for $30. The Bomb is available in standard white, or in a multi-colored double-dozen pack which includes blue, green, orange, and pink.


  • Distance and roll
  • Available in multiple colors
  • High launch


  • Feels exceptionally hard coming off clubface

Callaway Warbird

Callaway Warbird golf ball badge
PGA Tour Superstore
Cost/Dozen $18 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 90
Dimples 332
Flight High
Player Profile Callaway fans looking for the most distance

The Warbird name is a familiar one in golf, as Callaway first rolled out the Warbird lineup about 20 years ago. Warbird has always been focused on distance, and the current Callaway Warbird golf ball carries that tradition. This ball is a great choice if you’re a high-handicap golfer or just getting into the game and want a distance ball that also has a little touch around the greens.

The Warbird lands on our list because of its high-energy core which produces all of that big distance. Moderate swing speeds will like the way this ball feels and reacts, which is slightly softer than some of the other balls on this list. That’s not to say you should expect Chrome Soft feel around the greens, but the Warbird definitely has its element of touch.

A common feature you’ll find on all Callaway golf balls is HEX Aerodynamics, which refers to the technology and dimple pattern designed by Callaway to reduce drag and keep the ball stable while in flight. This is another big reason for the Warbird’s big distance. One of the main traits that separated the Warbird from the field is how long this ball stays in the air. Just add a good swing and this ball will launch high and long. As an added bonus, the Warbird is a great value at just $18 per dozen.


  • Stable in the wind
  • Value
  • Low side spin


  • Hard to find in retail

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft

TaylorMade Noodle golf ball badges
Cost/Dozen $11 [Buy on Amazon]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 34
Dimples 342
Flight High
Player Profile Slow to moderate swing speed that want quantity and quality

The Noodle Long and Soft hit golf retail shelves in 2001 and was an instant success. The name rung true on the course, afterall. Most amateur players saw distance gains without feeling like they were hitting a rock. The Noodle quickly became a must-have ball for average players. Today, after several ownership changes, the Noodle Long and Soft is produced by TaylorMade, but isn’t far off from the original that made it all happen.

Today’s Noodle golf ball is still long, with significant distance gains for any player who swings 95 mph or below. It’s also still soft, with a 34 compression rating. For both of those reasons, this ball isn’t intended for players who have fast swing speeds. However, the vast majority of amateur players can tee up a Noodle and appreciate the outcome. The biggest advancement over the past 20 years is the aerodynamic dimples that the Noodle Long and Soft now carries. Modern technology had allowed this ball to become much more stable by fighting wind resistance.

Another big draw to the Noodle is its value, which has not changed through the decades. The current model is sold as a 24-pack for only $22. Beginners, high-handicaps, mid-handicaps, ladies, juniors, and men can all find benefits with the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft.


  • Value
  • Super-low compression
  • Soft feel on precision shots


  • Not intended for high swing speeds

Volvik Vivid

Volvik Vivid golf ball badges
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $33 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Construction 3-piece
Compression 75
Dimples 322
Flight Mid to high
Player Profile Players that don't mind non-traditional options

There’s something about holding a Volvik Vivid in your hand that just tells you this golf ball is set to take off. First, it’s a very firm-feeling golf ball due to its matte finish. Second, the brighter the color you choose, the hotter it looks. Lastly, if you have any previous experience with the Vivid ball you know past generations have been very long off the tee.

The Ionomer cover with the matte finish is the perfect combination of being firm with a little softness there for shots around the green. The Volvik Vivid has a compression rating of 75, so it’s certainly a bit harder than some other balls on this list, but Volvik notes that anyone with a swing speed of 70-100 mph can work with the Vivid. The matte finish, which is the Vivid's calling card, is available in white, yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue, purple, and assorted dozens. There’s a reason no other golf ball manufacturer does colors the way Volvik does.

The Vivid produces low driver spin for a distance ball with 75 compression, part of the reason why it has exceptional distance for such a wide variety of golfers. Also, if you’re big into visual aids on golf balls, the Vivid has one of the best in the business. The VAS (Volvik Alignment System) is a three stripe design that’s highly visible while putting or on tee shots.


  • Variety of bright colors
  • Durable
  • Alignment aid


  • Not the best for holding greens on approach shots

TaylorMade Distance+

TaylorMade Distance plus golf ball badges
PGA Tour Superstore
Cost/Dozen $20 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 77
Dimples 342
Flight High
Player Profile Wants big distance but values greenside spin

The TaylorMade Distance+ has many aspects of a true distance golf ball, but it combines elements that also make it very playable around other areas of the golf course. Still, it lands on our list because it’s an absolute bomber off of the tee and on irons shots. 

This model features TaylorMade’s REACT Speed Core, which can be found on other, more expensive, TaylorMade balls. With its 77 compression rating, the Distance+ shows increased ball speeds for many amatuer golfers. A lot of R&D was devoted to the speed and aerodynamics of this ball, which pay off because it launches from the moment of impact. Particularly on iron shots, you can count on the Distance+ getting up and landing soft, which makes it an easy gamer for mid and high handicap players.

Even with its 77 compression and 2-piece construction, the Distance+ has a nice overall feel. It’s soft, but not nearly as soft as other balls on this list such as the ERC Soft or Q-Star. In addition, the plus alignment aid, which looks like a crosshair, is very useful to players who like that additional help on the green. For players who prefer not to use an alignment aid, they might find it to be a bit much.


  • Increased ball speed
  • Durable
  • Good spin on iron shots


  • Alignment aid is very large

Callaway ERC Soft

Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track
Callaway Golf
Cost/Dozen $35 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Construction 3-piece
Compression 60
Dimples 322
Flight High
Player Profile Willing to sacrifice a little distance for increased short game spin

Callaway makes it quite clear what the ERC Soft is on its website, stating “this is our longest golf ball with soft feel.” There is another Callaway ball on this list, the Warbird, but the fact that they’re both made by Callaway is one of only two things they have in common. The other, is that they’re both great distance balls. The ERC Soft really is the best of all worlds in that it’s long, soft, has good greenside control, and is durable.

Callaway has a hybrid cover throughout several balls, including the ERC Soft. It features what Callaway calls a PARALOID Impact Modifier from Dow. This cover technology allows the ERC Soft to deliver exceptional distance with low spin and high ball flight. For high and mid handicap players, this is a great ball to use before your handicap leads you to Callaway's Chrome Soft lineup.

As a 3-piece ball, the ERC Soft has an advantage over other balls on this list when it comes to greenside control and short game spin. It's not quite as long as some other balls, but it’s still worthy of being one of our top distance contenders because of its high launch and increased ball speed that can be measured by most amateurs with a moderate swing speed.


  • Triple Track alignment aid
  • High launch
  • Soft feel


  • Sacrafice for good greenside control is a slight loss of distance

Maxfli Straightfli

Maxfli Straightfli golf ball badges
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $20 [Buy at Golf Galaxy]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 80
Dimples 374
Flight High
Player Profile All distance needed with no worry for soft touch

Maxfli has been one of the top golf ball manufacturers since the 1920s and has seen peaks and valleys in popularity over that time. Recently, Maxfli revamped its golf ball lineup and debuted a handful of balls that appeal to players of all handicaps, from beginners to scratch golfers. Among those models is the Maxfli Straightfli, which is not only one of Maxfli’s longest golf balls, but one of the longest in all of golf.

If you’re looking for a softer ball, check out another Maxfli model, Softfli. If you’re just looking to blister fairways and get the most yardage you can, Strightfli it is. This 2-piece ball has alternating large and small dimples which deflect sidespine and fight your left and right misses. That's why it got our nod as the straightest golf ball to help fight slices and hooks. The Straightfli is very easy to put a slight draw or fade on, if you so choose. From our experiece, the Straighfli was among the top in roll after landing. Extra distance? We’ll take it.

We’re not going to mislead you and say that the Straightfli has a soft feel, because it doesn’t. Again, if you want that type of ball go with the Softfli. This ball is strictly intended to get launched. A great ball to have sitting in the fairway on a par-5 you’re trying to hit in two. Even on shots that aren’t teed up, the Straightfli gets in the air quickly and doesn’t quit.


  • Launch with driver, fairways, and irons
  • Roll after landing
  • Stability in air


  • Noticeably hard

Srixon Q-Star

Srixon Q-Star golf ball badges
Dick's Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy
Cost/Dozen $28 [Buy at PGA Tour Superstore]
Construction 2-piece
Compression 75
Dimples 338
Flight High
Player Profile  Improving players trending toward a mid-handicap golf ball

Srixon, in general, is a bit underrated when it comes to golf balls. On one hand, some consumers don’t like to stray away from the brands they’ve always played. On the other hand, you have players like Brooks Koepka and Hideki Matsuyama playing Srixon balls on tour each week. As Srixon continues to turn amateur golfers into believers, they offer the Srixon Q-Star which is one of the longest balls available.

The nice thing about the Srixon Q-Star is that it takes the best of two other Srixon balls, the Soft Feel and the Q-Star Tour, and mashes them together. The Q-Star has elements of a soft-feeling ball but with performance of a more advanced model. Add in a splash of monstrous distance and you’ve got yourself a great golf ball.

Srixon’s main technology is its FastLayer Core, which features a softer core that gradually increases in firmness to the outer edge of the golf ball. It’s a really unique concept that allows golf balls like the Q-Star to feel and perform like a ball intended for a much lower handicap. The FastLayer Core is also a big reason why the Q-Star lands on our list as one of the best distance balls you can find.


  • Playable by all handicaps
  • Durable cover
  • Nice lead-in to the Q-Star Tour


  • Dispersion could be better

Bridgestone e12 Speed

Bridgestone e12 SPEED golf ball badge
Bridgestone Golf
Cost/Dozen $24 [Search on Amazon]
Construction 3-piece
Compression 75
Dimples 326
Flight High
Player Profile Bridgestone fans who want the most distance

Bridgestone may have bucked the e12 Speed from its current golf ball lineup, but that doesn’t eliminate it from being one of the best distance golf balls you can get your hands on, if in fact you can get your hands on them. Bridgestone’s e12 Contact is one of our top picks for straight golf balls, meanwhile the e12 Speed shows no mercy when it comes to producing big distance numbers.

Bridgestone recommends the e12 Speed for players who have a swing speed of over 105 mph, and we have to agree on that. Slower swing speeds will not compress this golf ball enough the see any distance gains. For faster swinging players, this ball is an absolute rocket off of the clubface. The e12 Speed produces lower driver spin rates and we noticed when teed up lower it was easy to get a more penetrating flight without missing out on yardage.

If you’re looking for a Bridgestone ball that holds greens with ease, the e12 Speed probably isn’t the best ball for you. Bridgestone makes several other balls that deliver performance into greens, but the e12 Speed is all about distance and making the other players in your foursome jealous. It's no longer available on the Bridgestone site, but if you search, you can scoop a dozen up on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere.


  • Low driver spin
  • Easy to flight low or high
  • Durable seamless cover


  • Will expose serious hooks or slices
  • Harder to find on the second-hand market


We all want more distance on the golf course. Many players tweak their driver heads or shafts in search of more distance, the slight change of switching golf balls can make a world of difference.

With so many pure distance balls available, do your research to understand which one best fits your game. Whether it's five yards, 10 yards, or more, it's always nice to drive a little further to your ball.

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