Is the BirdieBall Putting Green Worth Your Green?

Updated August 8, 2022
People using Birdieball putting green indoors
    People using BirdieBall putting green indoors
    BirdieBall Golf
    Permission given by BirdieBall Golf

BirdieBall putting greens have changed the way golfers practice indoors. The company designed its putting greens to roll true and feel true. But are BirdieBall putting greens worth your green? This overview will help you decide just that.

BirdieBall Beginnings

In 2003, Colorado-based BirdieBall debuted a revolutionary product that allowed people access to the game of golf like never before. The BirdieBall, a limited flight, hollow ring that feels just like you’re hitting a real golf ball changed the practice game for many. BirdieBall really struck it big at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show, winning Best New Product. Soon, BirdieBall was in backyards, golf centers, and schools across the country. Its 40-yard flight appealed to so many and still does today.


Putting Green Material

When BirdieBall putting greens hit the market it was clear these putting greens were not the standard piece of turf that indoor practice aficionados were used to. These were different, in the best ways. Instead of fake, crunchy turf beneath your feet, you stand on an aerated foam material that is soft and responsive.

BidieBall putting greens are made from a foam material, so it's natural to question durability and roll. For durability, these putting greens stand up to more than normal wear and tear. The aerated foam is thick and pliable and won’t damage if you wear shoes while practicing. And as for roll, the hallmark of a BirdieBall putting green is that your golf ball will roll eerily similar to a real putting surface. The reason is all in the manufacturing process, these greens actually have a directional grain.

Despite the fact that BirdieBall putting greens are made from high-quality foam, they are incredibly easy to roll up and store away. No matter how many times you set the green up, it always unrolls right back into place and is ready to use.

Birdieball putting greens
    BirdieBall putting greens indoors
    BirdieBall Golf
    Permission given by BirdieBall Golf

Putting Green Speed

In addition to feeling and rolling just like the real deal, BirdieBall putting greens also have variable speeds which you can actually choose when making your purchase. Part of the fun is choosing your stimp speed, which ranges from 9 to 13. So weekend warriors who normally play municipal courses with slower greens can practice on something similar to normal conditions and go with a lower stimp speed. Conversely, golfers used to fast, private club greens can go higher with their stimp selection and can practice as if they’re at their club.

Putting Green Sizes and Pricing

There are several different options to choose from when purchasing your BirdieBall putting green. You can choose a package, just the green, or customize it yourself.


The Ultimate Putting Package

Appropriately named, the Ultimate Putting Package gives you everything you need for a complete indoor putting green experience. All five options in this package include a 4-foot wide green with your length choice of 10, 12, 14, 16, or 18 feet. The Ultimate Putting Package also has six hole locations, rubber bumpers that are incredibly convenient, and a putting mirror for additional practice.

One of the most fun inclusions are the contour shims, so you can make your BirdieBall green break in the slightest, or most wicked, ways you’d like. There are also hole reducers which are a great practice aid. This package runs $326.99- $411.99 depending on your size selection. Don’t forget, you get to pick your stimp speed as well.


3 x 10 Standard Package

If you’re a little tight on space, the 3 x 10 Standard Package is $152.99 well spent. With this package, you get a putting green with two hole locations, bumpers, one hole reducer, one hole deepening shim, and two hole plugs.

Custom Sizes

If you have a specific space that you’d like to turn into your putting domain, BirdieBall greens can be custom cut to your specifics. You can choose widths of 2, 4, 6, or 8 feet and a length of up to 18 feet. You also get to choose your stimp speed, the number of holes you’d like, bumpers, and you can even add a custom logo. With so many possibilities there is also a varying price level to this option, but you will be assured to get exactly what you want.

BirdieBall Accessories

BirbieBall offers a number of accessories to go along with its putting greens.


Contour Shims and Hole Reducers

A package of items to advance your practice sessions or challenge your friends to make an impossible putt.

Stance Mat

If you would prefer to have a putting stance off of your green, but at the same height, a stance mat can be added which seamlessly adjoins to the side of the putting green.

Zipped Storage Bag

No matter what size putting green you purchase there’s a zipped storage bag that can fit it. A great investment for less than $20 and it holds all of the additional accessories as well.

Maintenance Brush

This wood-handled brush not only keeps debris off of your green but it also reconstitutes the grain of your putting green to make sure the speed and break stay consistent.

Additional Models

In addition to the standard putting greens, BirdieBall also offers some additional models.


Available in four different green sizes, Shuffleputt mats bring together the classic shuffleboard game with putting practice. A great option for playing with friends who golf and those who don’t.

BirdieBall Puttup

This putting green has a fun incline along with five hole locations to simulate different putt distances. A fun test of accuracy and speed with the added convenience of a ball return ramp.


There’s nothing wrong with reliving your college days, especially if it involves improving your putting stroke. Available in four sizes, these mats have six stacked holes that you attempt to knock out as you go along. Beverages are optional and provided by those putting.

Outdoor Putting Greens

Looking for a BirdieBall green for your outdoor space? The outdoor rates putting greens are made in a heavier weight and built to withstand outdoor elements and traffic. These greens include all of the same benefits as the indoor greens but with the outdoor benefits.


When looking at purchasing your own personal putting green you’ll find a lot of options including some bargains. If you’re looking for the best possible experience, and at a reasonable price, it’s hard to beat BirdieBall putting greens. Not only do they feel like the real thing, but you’ll also never get tired of practicing with all of the great accessories and options available.