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Ty Andersen
Director, The Ty Andersen Golf Academy
Highland Oaks Golf Course
904 Royal Parkway
Dothan, Alabama 36305
Phone: 239-272-7086
E-mail: TyPgaPro(at)aol.com
Golf Videos by Ty Andersen
  • Juniors should always be working on the proper setup, with their feet below their shoulders and club flat on the ground... watch video
  • Show your kids everything in your golf bag so they’re prepared for their round; do not assume they know what they should carry... watch video
  • When golfers suffer from inconsistently hitting the ball left, right or straight, the most likely cause is leaning too far over their feet, causing poor balance... watch video
  • Most thin or topped shots are not caused by picking your head up, as commonly believed, but rather because your muscles tense up and shorten the distance from your club to the ground... watch video
  • Use these checkpoints in your swing to test if you’re in the correct positions and transferring your weight properly... watch video
  • Learning the golf swing is as simple as mastering the four positions in the golf swing and combining them... watch video
  • Don’t label a child as a kid or junior based on age; judge them by ability, like this nine-year-old who can hit a perfect flop shot... watch video
  • Most kids start holding the club with a baseball grip, which does not allow for control at the top of the backswing; try this hot dog in a bun routine for getting a good grip... watch video
  • The first thing every beginner or junior should do when practicing is putt a bucket of balls to help establish solid contact and build their swing around your impact point... watch video
  • Most players who suffer from weak high shots are set up with the shaft straight up and down instead of with the shaft leaning forward... watch video
  • Understanding your equipment is necessary for good golfers; hit down with irons to make the ball go up and hit up with metals to hit longer... watch video
  • Allow your golf club and natural stance to determine whether you’re standing too close or too far from the ball... watch video
  • Changing your grip is uncomfortable so the best place to work on it is at home, holding the club a few minutes at a time until it feels comfortable enough to swing with... watch video
  • Make sure your kids have equipment that is the proper size, for the same reason you wouldn’t buy them oversized skates to play hockey... watch video
  • Build your swing from the ground up by hitting balls off a tee with short strokes and elongating the swing as you gain proficiency... watch video
  • You can’t fix your swing flaws until you establish a repeatable golf swing that goes down the line every time so your errors are consistent and can thus be fixed... watch video
  • Show your kids that the sand wedge is the right tool for the job because it splashes sand out of the bunker and the ball is like a grain of sand... watch video
  • Fixing divots is part of taking care of your golf course; control your divots the same way the pros do when you’re practicing on the range... watch video
  • Kids have a limited attention span, so keep your teaching short and don’t bug them too often when they’re having fun just swinging... watch video
  • The most critical aspect of starting your child in golf is to keep the game fun for them so they have a positive experience and want to do it again... watch video
  • If you are practicing and start hitting bad shots then step away from the ball and work on re-establishing solid contact with a few bump shots in order to get the feel for center clubface hits... watch video
  • The most common cause of a bad back is keeping your back foot flat on the ground in the golf swing; get up on your back toe to eliminate excessive torque... watch video
  • Don’t assume anything when teaching children; even something as simple as the correct way to tee up a ball should be taught... watch video
  • Just because your child may be left- or right-handed doesn’t mean he’ll swing the club that way; do this test to determine which side is best to swing from for your child... watch video
  • Master your putting direction by using the ball’s writing to line up putts and learn the correct way to mark your ball to avoid a penalty stroke... watch video
  • Help kids fix their slice by standing in front of them while they take practice swings and have them release their downswing straight down the line toward you... watch video
  • Teaching juniors how to hit a downhill lie is as simple as aligning shoulders with the slope... watch video
  • If kids are going to play golf then they need to know how to hit all the shots, so teach them to hit different lies out on the golf course... watch video
  • Ball position changes with each club; use the time you spread your legs under your shoulders during your set up routine to position the ball correctly... watch video
  • Teach kids according to their ability; when they’re ready, show them that the technique to fairway bunkers is to move the ball back in your stance... watch video
  • Kids love watching the ball once they hit it but that will destroy a putting stroke, so use this drill to keep their heads down... watch video
  • What really differentiates players is their short game, and juniors should take a tip from the pros and spend at least half their practice time on the short game... watch video
  • Teach your kids proper technique for pitching and keep it simple so they know how to pitch when they can’t putt or chip... watch video
  • Short game shots differentiate the best juniors, so teach your kids this simple three-step guide to making chipping easy and reliable... watch video
  • Juniors tend to swing harder for more distance, but what is really important is they stay in balance throughout the swing... watch video
  • Combine the distance and direction lessons with consistent routine to develop a complete putting stroke ... watch video
  • Teach kids that with irons you must hit down on the ball to make it go up because the ball gains backspin by rolling up the face... watch video
  • Women should watch for two golf swing flaws: improper backside in the stance and elbows pointing the wrong direction... watch video
  • For juniors who are progressing in golf, try this one-armed chipping drill to learn club control and turn a good chipper into a great one... watch video
  • Teach kids putter control using this one-handed drill that imparts the role each hand plays in the putting stroke... watch video
  • Think like the hands on a clock when you are pitching; go back to nine, then forward to three and just brush the grass... watch video
  • Juniors should learn to practice like the pros do, and that means starting with a wedge, establishing contact and hitting your driver last... watch video
  • Is it important for a junior to have a pre-shot routine to hit good shots, so teach him one like this... watch video
  • The most important thing on the golf course is avoiding injuries, so learn the safety position and don’t let go of the club... watch video
  • Have kids follow a simple routine when they hit balls so they incorporate the correct setup routine into their game... watch video
  • A lack of connectivity between your lower and upper body causes the clubface to lag, so try this split-handed drill to get your lower body weight flowing through to the finish... watch video
  • Keeping your left elbow straight is a myth in the golf swing; people who are built thick through the upper body can’t keep their elbow straight without picking up on the backswing... watch video
  • Juniors need to stretch in golf just like in any sport, so teach them these fun stretches to do each day before working on their swing... watch video
  • Incorporating golf-related stretches into a normal exercise routine will increase flexibility and even help solve your swaying problem... watch video
  • Many players cannot bring their swing from the range to the golf course; if you have this problem, follow these steps to make your practice time more like game time... watch video
  • Don’t assume that kids know how fragile greens are; teach them the proper way to take care of greens and play on them... watch video
  • Juniors can imitate what you are doing at any age, so teach them the four basic swing positions this very simple way... watch video
  • Bunker shots are easy shots when you know the right technique and teaching a junior how to do it is simple... watch video
  • As juniors get older and bigger we need to teach them differently; here’s how to progress with chipping technique as juniors improve... watch video
  • Your club loft determines the height and distance of your shots, and the lie sets the sole of the clubhead flat on the ground based on how tall you are... watch video
  • If you want your child to become a good golfer it’s critical to have them practice on a consistent basis... watch video
  • The inches on either side of the ball are the most important in golf; your clubface must be square in that area and constantly accelerating... watch video
  • Build a solid swing by merging the three elements of the swing together: your arms, body and weight shift... watch video
  • Grip strengths are categorized as strong, standard and weak; select one that is best for you and learn to groove your swing with it... watch video
  • Teach kids this three ball distance drill to start them on the way to learning a consistent putting distance... watch video
  • Many junior golfers start out by jabbing with their putting stroke; getting them to used this one-two-three drill will help smooth out their stroke... watch video
  • By moving the ball around in your stance and using different clubs you can create many different shots to use around the green... watch video
  • There are many reasons for girls to play golf, including college golf scholarships that go unused... watch video
  • The golf club is a lot like our body; they both have a head, face, heel, toe and sole, and if we understand how they work then we’ll know how to use them... watch video
  • There is no set age to start a child in golf; if they have an attention span and an ability to comprehend then they are ready to learn... watch video
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Raymond N.  Scored 105 at  John F. Gaffney Green Tree Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

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