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Golf Videos by Laird Small
  • Lean the shaft of the club back at address to increase the clubface loft while maximizing its hitting area, then use a double cupped wrist technique during the swing... watch video
  • Two critical factors in hitting a ball below your feet are your balance and aim... watch video
  • New technology has created a need for changing you’re the height of your tee and in windy conditions you should actually tee the ball up higher for a lower trajectory... watch video
  • Follow these three basic principals in order to maintain your swing radius and hit solid, repeatable chip shots... watch video
  • The golf posture is the most critical components of your swing so learn the two bends and one tilt needed for a proper posture... watch video
  • Adjust your spine angle to the slope, find your new contact point for ball position, take more club and aim slightly to the right... watch video
  • Adjust your spine angle to the slope, find your new contact point for ball position, take less club and aim slightly to the left... watch video
  • Use a lock with a string attached to it to feel the momentum of the putter head and learn how to swing your putter like a pendulum... watch video
  • The key to a bunker shot is to eject the sand from the bunker and have the ball go with the sand... watch video
  • Add some creativity and control to your chipping by manipulating the clubface after impact to control your chip trajectory for when you want it to roll farther or have more spin and stop quicker... watch video
  • Using a hula hoop we can simply define the concept of swing plane and how a circular golf swing must function to hit the ball consistently straight... watch video
  • Missing the center of the putter face causes the ball to go off line and short; practice hitting putts with two matchsticks around the center of impact... watch video
  • Understanding where you impact the golf ball as opposed to where your club bottoms out and impacts the ground on chip shots is critical to hitting consistent chip shots and not fearing tight lies... watch video
  • Approach each hole with a game plan on how to play it, breaking down each shot so that it becomes more mentally manageable... watch video
  • Close the clubface and let the toe of the club dig into the sand, the ball go in the direction of the sand not the clubface... watch video
  • If you tend to come up out of your stance and hit thin shots you can not only fix that but also increase your clubhead speed with this easy drill using a block of wood to place your toes on ... watch video
  • The greatest players are those that are most stable over the ball allowing for repeatable swings; practice this by simply standing on a half-inch board... watch video
  • Lag is the part of the swing that has the hands leading the swing into impact to develop greater power and control in the swing... watch video
  • Knowing where your swing should bottom is important because the bottom of the swing will determine your impact location and whether you hit the sweet spot of the clubface... watch video
  • It is critical to feel the weight of the clubhead throughout the swing, and this is accomplished by creating an awareness about the weight of the clubhead... watch video
  • Depending on whether you are a hooker or slicer, making a minor adjustment to your setup and having a plan before you hit the course is key... watch video
  • Slicers often play the ball too forward and have their shoulders open to the target line, fix this by setting a tee behind and slightly behind the ball and setting your torso and head towards the tee... watch video
  • Your naturally arms curve inwards, so you need to place the club in your left hand using this angle so that your clubface can return to impact square... watch video
  • Get a perfect backswing every time with this four step drill, just raise the club up, then turn, then raise your hands and arms up and swing, it is as easy as one, two, three, four... watch video
  • Don't ruin someone else's round by not taking care of a bunker; use these techniques to be a considerate player who knows how to take care of a golf course... watch video
  • Golfers generally have a hard time with greenside bunkers because the divot entry point is inconsistent, which creates a lack of confidence in the shot... watch video
  • This simple drill helps you get your eyes in the correct putting position, teaches you how to putt down your target line correctly and to read greens... watch video
  • Create a consistent putting stroke every time by controlling your putter head acceleration with this penny drill... watch video
  • Many players try to hit the ball when they are about to make contact with a putt, rather than making the same swing as when taking a practice stroke... watch video
  • Breaking putts can only enter the hole in a limited area; by imagining the hole with a piece cut out you can envision the area of entry... watch video
  • Draw a practice line representing the target line, backswing, and downswing, and trace that line with your swing to loop your downswing from inside out... watch video
  • Have the clubface aiming where you want the ball to end up and take your stance aiming at where you want the ball to start off, and then swing on your stance line... watch video
  • Place your ball in the hole of a CD and take your putting stance over it so that you can see your eyes in the reflection of the CD... watch video
  • When chipping off a downhill lie, the most important tip is to level your shoulders to the slope of the ground so that your club makes contact at the ball... watch video
  • Create perfect distance control on your short iron scoring shots by using a less lofted club with a shorter swing and less wrist action, like Tiger does... watch video
  • This is an intimidating shot, but it can be managed easily by getting your weight far forward in your stance so that your sternum is above the ball at address... watch video
  • Let the club you are using measure your length from the ball by maintaining the same posture for every shot regardless of the club you use... watch video
  • Belly putters are a great option for those players having a hard time making an arc with their putting stroke or have a hard time keeping the clubface square because they anchor the putter handle on the torso... watch video
  • Practice hitting long putts with just your trail hand in order to get a feel for the putter's flow and eliminate hip action in your stroke... watch video
  • Like the other swing in golf, putting is played to the side of the target line so getting the correct posture is key to allowing the putter to travel on a slight arc like every other swing... watch video
  • Draw an umbrella in the sand and get your divots to start to the target side of the handle to stop falling back and trying to help the ball out of the bunker... watch video
  • Take just a few minutes to stretch your arms, shoulders and leg muscles prior to warming up with any rotational forces such as practice swings... watch video
  • By gripping down you change the effective loft of the club, causing the ball to go lower which is a perfect strategy in the wind... watch video
  • Get your hands on the club properly and learn the correct grip pressure by sliding two tees between your thumb and forefingers and hitting balls without dropping the tees... watch video
  • Practicing effectively around the green requires that you go and hit the actual shots you will encounter on the golf course, not sitting in once place and hitting the same short game shots over and over... watch video
  • If you want to become a shotmaker who can control his ball, you must learn this great technique for drawing and fading the ball for the situation at hand... watch video
  • Gimme puts are always pretty easy because you no longer have an attachment to the outcome of the shot, so try to use that same mentality when taking all your putts and detach yourself from the pressure and outcome of the shot... watch video
  • Changes in club, ball, and shaft technology have increased distance, but it is still the player that must deliver the club to the ball the correct way... watch video
  • Each hand plays a specific part in the golf swing, the left hand controls the clubface for slicing and hooking and the right hand controls the clubhead for high and low trajectories... watch video
  • Positioning your arms on the putter correctly will allow you to arc your putting stroke correctly so follow these simple steps to get your arms working for you when you putt... watch video
  • The width of your stance effects your turn on the backswing, so get the correct setup by taking a normal stride when walking and turning your feet in... watch video
  • Regardless of trajectory, always use the same stance, setup and grip; just change your ball trajectory and swing length... watch video
  • There are many ways to play chips shots around the green; select the shot that is most appropriate for your skill level to lower your scores consistently... watch video
  • A full bunker shot travels about one third the distance of a regular shot, so when you have to clear 30 yards of sand play your normal sand shot but with a longer club... watch video
  • Use your putting technique with a lofted club to clear the fringe around a green, and select your club based on the theory that every club has a ratio of flight distance to roll distance... watch video
  • With your shorter irons, concentrate on keeping your weight over your front leg on the backswing to eliminate any sway that leads to an inconsistent impact... watch video
  • Many golfers have long backswings where their arms keep going, keep in mind that your arms should stop swinging when your body stops turning, shortening your backswing will increase the radius of your swing and actually give you more distance... watch video
  • On difficult greens create a red light, yellow light and green light section and play your shot according to the risk involved... watch video
  • The equipment manufacturer has done all the ball position work for you; with the same posture you can lie the club on the ground to know where to play your ball... watch video
  • Allow the butt of the club to stop at impact while the clubhead continue to the finish in order to create the spin necessary to make the ball check up after a couple of bounces... watch video
  • Play this shot with a shorter swing and the ball a little back in your stance when hitting into the wind or in a cross wind... watch video
  • Use the same putting technique for all your simple chips around the green and just manage distance by your club selection... watch video
  • Don't make things more complicated than they need to be; use the same swing in and out of the bunker and take advantage of the bounce in your sand wedge... watch video
  • To become an advanced player you must learn the nine ball flights and how to hit every one of them, so use this drill to become a master... watch video
  • On tough shots don't let tension and pressure ruin your frame of mind, create a line of commitment away from the ball where you do your work before you swing... watch video
  • Your impact should start right at the ball and the lowest point of the divot should be ahead of impact, use this bunker drill to practice impact to develop consistent shots... watch video
  • Golfers need to be consistent with where the bottom of their swing contacts the ground, which is why the feedback from your divots is so important to developing a sound golf swing... watch video
  • Draw a line on your ball so you can set the ball down with the line pointing at the hole or lined up with your putter head... watch video
  • Etiquette is important on the golf course, especially when it comes to following the rules, so learn to mark your ball correctly so you do not incur a penalty... watch video
  • Picking the correct target line is difficult because we stand to the side of the ball which gives us the wrong perspective so try putting an umbrella in front of you and hitting the ball directly over it in order to realign your perspective... watch video
  • Play your bunker shots with the same stance as your pitch shots; set up square to the target line and square the clubface to make this an easier shot... watch video
  • Take your kids out to play early and learn late in the da,y and teach them in small periods of time, so they enjoy and learn the fun of the golf course... watch video
  • Set up two hula hoops about a foot apart on your swing plane angle and then swing through the gap between them... watch video
  • On shots that have a downhill or uphill elevation changes we tend to align ourselves incorrectly, so make these necessary corrections... watch video
  • Posture is a critical swing basic, and you can get a perfect posture every time by using this easy technique to bend from your hip joints and not your spine... watch video
  • Place the club in the second joint of your middle and ring finger then chose between a 10 finger, interlocking, or Varden Grip to connect your two hands... watch video
  • Many players release the energy of the swing too early and suffer from a lack of distance, this drill will help you increase the powered stored by creating lag in your swing... watch video
  • Whether you putt conventionally or left hand low the most important aspect of the putting grip is to have the club in the lifelines of your hands and have the hands opposing each other so that they work together and do not fight each other... watch video
  • The architect designs the course with many subtle tricks that you must always be on the look out for, as exemplified on the sixth hole of Pebble Beach... watch video
  • Allow yourself the opportunity to make great shots by creating a tension free swing ... watch video
  • Knowing your shot tendencies under pressure is critical, because sometimes it is easier to play to your tendency than fix your swing at a critical juncture... watch video
  • Do not try to help or hit the ball when putting, use this drill to learn how to allow the weigt and inertia of the putter head to transfer energy to the ball... watch video
  • When faced with a difficult lie from deep rough plan your recovery shot to get yourself back in play, analyze the lie and choose your shot based on the conditions of the grass and do not grip the club too tightly... watch video
  • Pitching with a 6-iron will give you more spin and control with your sand wedge; learn to bounce the ball off your clubface like Tiger in the commercial... watch video
  • Using your driver to practice accentuates errors in your swing, especially if you slice, and low handicappers can use it to practice shaping their shots... watch video
  • Invite pressure into your practice by challenging yourself to validate your practice in order to feel the pressure you will encounter on the golf course... watch video
  • Your putting swing should be balanced back and through with no unnecessary acceleration; the best way to practice this is to use a metronome... watch video
  • Placing your hands on the club correctly is the only way to create a consistent swing with more power... watch video
  • Placing your hands on the grip is imporartant because your grip strenth controls the clubface so let your hands fall to your sides and allow the club to fall into your left hand naturally the way the club manufacturer designed it... watch video
  • Keep your chin up throughout the entire shot to assure contact with the ball before you hit the sand... watch video
  • Read greens by selecting the high point of the putt between the spot and the hole, and let the contour of the green bring the ball into the hole... watch video
  • Swing the club around your body to get height on your pitch shots when you need to land the ball softly on the green... watch video
  • Unlike other sports, in golf we are not looking at the target, so in order to play better we have to mentally retain the target and image of the shot we want to hit in our mind while we set up to play the shot... watch video
  • Create consistent and predictable distances for shorter irons by using a shorter swing with less wrist hinge... watch video
  • To get height on your shots you must hit down on the ball, allowing the clubface to function the way it was designed... watch video
  • 75% of your distance comes from your wrist hinge and swing plane, so try hitting drivers from your knees to practice this theory... watch video
  • Try to make the simplest pitch shot possible, instead of trying to pull off high spin lob shots when they are not necessary... watch video
  • There are four aspects of golf fitness: flexibility, stability, balance, and rotation; specific golf-related exercises are critical to achieve gain... watch video
  • Put a plastic ball between your knees in order to take your backswing with your torso rotating more than your hips, disassociating the lower body from the upper body and creating more power in your swing... watch video
  • Transferring your practice and energy on to actual course improvement is very difficult, so it is critical that you use this transference technique... watch video
  • On difficult shots that have a lot of visual trouble, just trust your swing and let it go; this will eliminate tension and increase your chances of success... watch video
  • The golf glove plays two critical rolls in the swing, first it decreases the pressure that the hands put on the grip and second it separates what the two hands do during the swing... watch video
  • Do not always use a lob wedge to chip around the green, sometimes using a hybrid with a putting stroke will provide more control and creativity... watch video
  • Imagine what hour the ball would have to go into the hole if there was a clock covering it, and then draw an arcing line back from the hour to the ball... watch video
  • Golf course architects do not always design tee boxes pointing down the fairway, so pay attention to your target not the line of the tee box... watch video


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