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Golf Videos by Jim McLean
  • Angle body more up the slope and swing a little harder... watch video
  • Universally known as one of the greates putters ever, Jackie Burke had a simple putting set up that held the putter up so that he could focus on the putter face and kept his arms close to his body for control... watch video
  • Tee the ball a little bit lower, keep the handle of the club back and make sure to take the club back a little bit more to the outside... watch video
  • Play ball forward, place club open, use wide stance and short finish... watch video
  • Developing resistance on the through swing of your pitch shots is critical for control, this retraction drill will also keep your club accelerating, avoiding the biggest mistake in pitching which is a decelerating clubhead ... watch video
  • Practice this 2-step swing drill to check your half-way back and finish positions... watch video
  • Create more power in your swing by focusing on your body movement without your arms or club in the swing... watch video
  • This practice tip will help you from sliding or moving ahead of the golf ball preventing blocked shots and slices... watch video
  • This drill will help you monitor your swing plane from the backswing, downswing and follow through... watch video
  • Many players start their takeaway too far inside, use this simple drill at home to practice getting the correct takeaway line... watch video
  • Sam Snead is widely regarded as having the nicest finish in golf because he committed to getting his body rotated and keeping his hands and arms free of tension... watch video
  • This drill will help you with both swing speed and the rotary motion necessary to draw the ball... watch video
  • This drill will help you understand the rotation of the forearm through impact in order to draw the ball... watch video
  • Monitor whether you are holding the club with the correct grip pressure and pressure points... watch video
  • Distance control in chipping requires a very simple swing to get repeated perfect contact with the clubface, this can be done by preseting the chipping set up to imitate impact with a slight right wrist break going back... watch video
  • Ben Hogan dedicated nineteen pages in his book to the grip which is mainly in the fingers and palms... watch video
  • Making mini swings with your elbows glued to your body will give you the correct sensation of the large torso muscles swinging the club, not the arms... watch video
  • The claw putting grip has become popular recently because it takes the right side out of the putting stroke and gives you more of a fell of pushing the ball to the hole... watch video
  • A common mistake on the backswing is to hinge instead of cock your wrists, a perfect drill to help fix this is to pre set your backswing by cocking your wrists right up in front of your face at address and then turning into a full backswing... watch video
  • All great golfers have one thing in common, they deliver the club to the ball from the half way down position in the same line as the release through impact to the half way through position, creating a Powerline... watch video
  • An inside out swing approaches the ball on the downswing from too low, hitting the half of the ball closer to the player, causing a push or hook which requires the player to work on getting the club further up and out on the downswing... watch video
  • In the reverse pivot your weight is moving in the opposite direction as the club which causes a tremendous loss of power and usually weak shots off to the right... watch video
  • Golfers who have a problem hitting the ball too low usually take too short a backswing or have too much lag in their swing which takes loft off of the club at impact and drives the ball lower than desired... watch video
  • For the advanced player who gets the club stuck behind him this drill will work to get the feeling of the club dropping down correctly from the top of the backswing... watch video
  • Hitting the ball too high is a major cause of power loss and usually results from releasing too early in the downswing or hanging back on the rear leg, to fix this concentrate on hitting down on the ball and taking a divot after contact... watch video
  • Getting some more distance out of your drive is an important shot to have in your bag for when the course sets up well or you might need an extra fifteen yards to reach a par-5... watch video
  • Swing two clubs parallel to each other back and forth trying to keep the clubs from clanging together, this works your timing as well as coordinates your body with your arms... watch video
  • Advanced players who need some help with the top of their backswing or sequence should try this drill, take your club to the top of your backswing and stop for a second before you start your downswing... watch video
  • Make more of your mid-range putts by practicing hitting the putts past the hole with this simple drill, giving you a better chance of making putts because they will all reach the hole... watch video
  • Practice putting with your wedge forces you to hit the blade of the wedge directly on the equator of the ball, which is exactly where you want to hit the ball with your putter too... watch video
  • This is the perfect drill to get the proper timing and feel of the golf swing... watch video
  • Straight back and straight through putting is very effective when putting inside fifteen feet and requires that you keep the putter face square to the target line throughout the entire stroke... watch video
  • Sam Snead thought that the absence of tention and target awareness where critical in the swing so keep your eyes on the target and club suspended in the air... watch video
  • Sometimes you need to slice or fade the ball around an object in your way and the only way to do this is to know the correct set up for the shot which includes an open clubface, open stance and setting up closer to the ball... watch video
  • The one constant in all great ball strikers is that their left arm is connected to the left side of their body down through impact and release... watch video
  • For most arc putters the conventional putting grip is very much like a regular golf grip but with the thumbs pointing straight down, allowing your arms to be in a more normal golf position ... watch video
  • Advanced player looking to add more width on their backswing and improve their left arm position should try this neat little drill from Vijay and put a headcover under their right arm... watch video
  • This drill will help with the proper wrist cock and release necessary to delay the clubhead coming into the impact zone... watch video
  • Hit the ball harder with a tight grip and drive the club down into the sand... watch video
  • First take one longer club and then angle your shoulders to the slope of the hill so that you can sweep the club across the grass and not dig into the ground at impact... watch video
  • Select clubs for your bag based on your game, if you are a beginner stay away from the high lofted wedges and stick to more hybrids while the advanced player should have interchangeable clubs that he selects based on the course and conditions he is playing... watch video
  • If you have a fast tempo and swing Tom Watson is the perfect model, he was quick through the entire swing but made a few adjustments to compensate for his speed... watch video
  • Hitting a guaranteed draw every time, to get around things like a tree, is simply learning how to set up for the shot with a closed clubface, closed stance, do not turn your body too early and allow your forearms to rotate through the shot more... watch video
  • Catching he heel of the club, near the hozzle, results from an inside out swing where the clubface at impact has moved away from your original set up position... watch video
  • Many slices are caused because golfers start their downswing incorrectly, the correct downswing sequence starts with the lower body shifting weight from the right leg to the left leg, then the upper body follows... watch video
  • Thin shots are generally caused by players pulling their body up prior to impact or releasing the club to early on the downswing... watch video
  • In the start of the downswing your lower body shifts or moves first and actually increases your X Factor... watch video
  • Vijay Singh is a great swing to model because he has great freedom through his swing, allowing him to get a great hip and shoulder turn and unload on his downswing through to an extended finish position... watch video
  • The finish position from multiple viewing angles shows proper balance and weight shift and practicing this position can eliminate other problems... watch video
  • When faced with a long shot that requires that you hit over an object in front of you play the ball forward in your stance, grip all the way to the top of the club, relax your hands and make a big swing... watch video
  • Use your hands to cock the golf club up on the backswing and at the finish... watch video
  • Use a tighter grip and more left side pull on the way down... watch video
  • Learn the basic techniques of hitting the standard bunker shot... watch video
  • Grip down on the club slightly, keep your legs quite, focus on the top of the ball and keep your chin up so that you do not drop down and hit the sand first... watch video
  • Place the club at the base of the fingers, not in the palms, and use these keys as check points... watch video
  • Jim McLean describes what the X Factor looks like at impact as the hips are still in the lead over the shoulders... watch video
  • Check the set up angles of your spine, hips, knees and head in order to get into a power position for a power coil and a power swing... watch video
  • A waggle is a great preparatory motion to get your wrists, elbows and fingers loose and ready to swing... watch video
  • Many golfers have a problem with the takeaway being too quick or using their wrists, this simple drill will slow you down and get you takeaway working perfectly in one piece... watch video
  • Most great putters have their head and eyes set up slightly inside the ball, never on the outside, this allows more of an arc stroke... watch video
  • Probably the most important piece of your equipment is your golf shaft, where technology advancements have made it possible to tailor the shaft specifically to the player based on swing speed, launch angle, strength, age and even injuries... watch video
  • Tiger's set up is great to copy, he is braced to the earth, in perfect position and balance, and ready to deliver a solid golf swing... watch video
  • Push shots are caused by a swing that is too shallow and from the inside, many times caused by the body moving in front of the ball during the downswing and causing the club to get stuck behind the body... watch video
  • How the wrists release after impact have a tremendous result on your power and accuracy and is rarely discussed among teaching professionals... watch video
  • This simple drill instills the rhythm, timing and sequence of motion in the golf swing... watch video
  • Lots of players are now using the cross handed putting stroke because it keeps the putter head low and does not allow for a lot of break down of the arms and wrists in the stroke... watch video
  • One reason for Jack Nicklaus' greatness can be traced to the meticulous nature of his set up routine when he picked and focused on his intermediate target... watch video
  • Position two in the Eight Step Swing is the half way back position where the club is parallel to the ground and at this point the clubface must be pointing straight up square or slightly in, players who roll the face open at this point are dead in the golf swing... watch video
  • To create power in your coil you must have a shoulder turn that is greater than your hip turn, thus creating tension that can be appropriated to the ball and distance... watch video
  • A great way to develop distance control, feel and sensory perception when chipping is this ladder drill that requires you chip five consecutive balls each further than the previous one... watch video
  • Tension is by far the biggest killer in the golf swing, gripping too tightly, standing in your set up too long, you need to keep your body in motion and relaxed to properly strike a golf ball... watch video
  • Break down the correct golf swing into 8 easy steps... watch video
  • Get good at the standard pitch shot before you start getting complicated with your pitches, get your feet close together, clubface slightly open going back, turn your body with the downswing and resist right after impact to create spin... watch video
  • Although an unconventional swing, emulating Lee Trevino's swing by focusing on his right side and the way he came down and straight through the shot, tracking the target line, is a great idea... watch video
  • Create an L with your arms and clubs at the three quarter backswing and throughswing positions to practice setting your club correctly, increasing distance and staying on plane... watch video
  • Narrow down your focus on short putts by putting to a tee and trying to hit it dead on, this makes your short putts much more exact and gives you tremendous confidence when you are on the course putting to what looks like an enormous hole... watch video
  • The secret to Phil Mickelson's wedge game is building resisance on the follow through, keep your hands in front of the clubface and hold that short pitch finish with the clubface square or slightly open... watch video
  • Practice what a proper impact position should be lin the mirror and then go to the range and take small swings starting at your impact position... watch video
  • Place the ball back, leave the club face open and drop down with the knees... watch video
  • Pulled shots come from a closed clubface or the path swing, most players suffer from the latter as they start their downswing with their shoulders causing their path to go to the left... watch video
  • This putting grip is mostly used with a straight back and straight through putting style and eliminates rotation in the follow through... watch video
  • We always teach students at our school these quick and simple warm up drills to get their tempo and muscles working a little bit when they do not have time to get to the range and warm up fully... watch video
  • Start reading a green as you approach it walking or riding up, read the slope from the low point of the green paying particular attention to the area closer to the hole as the ball is rolling slower and will break more... watch video
  • Outside in means that you are hitting the outside portion of the golf ball with an inward club path because you are going back below your swing plane and your downswing is above or over the swing plane... watch video
  • For advanced players this drill works great to gain width in your swing and get you to a free release... watch video
  • Although one of the smallest players on the Tour, Sergio Garcia is consistently one of the longest hitters because he creates a tremendous amount of lag with his wrists on his downswing... watch video
  • Toe shots result in a decrease of distance because you are pulling your arms in on the downswing and missing the center of the clubface at impact, try this great drill to start making perfect contact... watch video
  • Slicing is caused by an open clubface, fix this by turning your top hand clockwise and practice swinging with a closed clubface... watch video
  • One of the clubs everyone needs in his bag is a utility wood, which is a hybrid between an iron and fairway wood... watch video
  • Hit closer to the ball using a normal backswing and accelerate the club on the way through... watch video
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to start your golf swing... watch video
  • There are three main reasons for the fat shot which cause you to impact the ground behind the ball resulting in poor impact and a short dribbler right in front of you... watch video
  • When considering how to improve your game remember that the greatest players all take lessons that helped them reach their desired goals... watch video
  • When hitting into the wind or to a back pin having a low zinger shot like Tiger uses makes managing the golf course considerably easier... watch video
  • Method teaching is a one swing fits all philosophy that teaches all players identical swings based on the assumption that this method is the perfect swing... watch video
  • The golf swing does not pivot around the head or spine, the head moves in the backswing and both the right and left leg are pivot points in the swing... watch video
  • Go through this systematic process to make sure your set up is proper, consistent and aligned... watch video


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