Paul Marchand


Shadow Hawk Golf Club
12900 FM 1464
Richmond, TX 77469

Welcome to my golf world. I have been waiting for a company as innovative as to come along and figure out a way for an instructor like me to reach out to your golf world.

You see, I've been very fortunate in my career. I started out following golf in a small town in Indiana while in my pre-teen years and fell in love with the game in a major way. My growth in knowledge of the game came from being glued to golf magazines, books, and notes of lessons I’d taken while trying to figure things out. Lot’s and lot’s of ball hitting, playing at our local course, and competing in tournaments became my way of life. Throughout high school, college at the University of Houston, and several years after college I was completely dedicated to the study and execution of the game. Along the way I was exposed to great teachers like Sam Carmichael, Jackson Bradley, Charlie Epps, Dick Harmon, Jim Flick, and Carl Lohren. On my college team there was a kid who lived across the hall from me who had a really cool swing. His name was Fred Couples. What an education to have someone to learn from like Fred.

The accumulation of these learning and playing experiences and the decision to be a Club Golf Professional lead me to serve as the Head Pro at Houston Country Club for ten years. I am currently the Head Pro at a great new club in Houston called Shadow Hawk. I know how lucky I’ve been to be affiliated with facilities like these. As a Club Pro, I’ve had some positive results coaching some Tour Professionals. This has added to an interest by other students of the game to come my way for instruction. I love teaching; it’s a natural extension of my lifetime pursuit of trying to figure out the game. The chance to share my ideas on the golf swing has been such a terrific profession. Without a doubt, teaching makes the teacher learn, and I really love learning as much or more than I love teaching! Because my career path has led me to work primarily at private golf clubs, my ability to consult with students who are not members of these clubs has until this time been very limited.

Eureka! The world is now available thanks to the miracles of modern technology. The chance to share ideas is now available to us all. I hope you find our efforts at to be the best thing to ever happen to your pursuit of better golf. This is a great day for golf instruction. Welcome to the possibilities.


Paul Marchand

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