A Simple Drill to Considerably Improve Your Golf Alignment

Updated January 20, 2022
Golfer learning perfect alignment
    Golfer learning perfect alignment
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Hi, my name is Tommy Marino and I am a Master Instructor with the Jim McLean Golf School. If you play a lot of golf and miss a lot of greens it is most likely because you are misaligned. I’d like to walk you through setting up a practice station, which can really help your golf game and definitely help your alignment.

3 Club Drill to Improve Alignment

  1. I am going to place this first golf club on the ground pointing right towards the target, this represents our target line.
  2. This next club I am going to place down is going to be parallel to the first and represent our body line.
  3. The third golf club I place down is going to show our ball location and will be perpendicular to the first two clubs.

Golf is a Side-On Game

When you come in and set yourself up in your practice station, a good tip would be to place a few tees down next to your toes so that you can see where your feet should go every time. We can even modify the third club that represents the ball by replacing it with an actual ball. Golf is a side-on game, unlike basketball and bowling which are face-on games. I am sure that if the next time you go out and practice you build this practice station it, will really help you with your alignment and you will be considerably squarer to the ball.