Golf Driving Range Safety

Updated February 15, 2022

The driving range is a perfect place to practice your golfing skills and the last place you think would be a dangerous location for something as simple as hitting golf balls. Always practice golf safety and be aware of your surroundings.


Many driving ranges do not have dividers sectioning individual stalls for you to practice your swing. You might find yourself driving golf balls beside a novice who has little control of the club. For your safety, keep your distance and move several stalls away if possible.


It is always tempting to fetch a tee or ball that has traveled a few feet ahead of your stall. Unless you are the only person on the driving range, do not attempt this. Many golfers have been hit by stray balls by other golfers. Do not make yourself a target.


Tight Spaces for Practicing

You might often find yourself sharing a very crowded driving range with many other golfers. If your golfing neighbor is swinging his club and invading your space, move away or wait until he has finished.

Practicing Beside a Left-Handed Golfer

If you are a right-handed golfer driving balls at the range next to a left-handed golfer, keep as much distance as possible. Both golfers will be facing one another and errant shots from the club head might travel in your direction.

Swinging the Club

Always be aware of people around you. Most golfers arrive at the range and warm up by swinging a golf club. Keep a safe distance from your neighbor. Many people have been struck by golfers eagerly swinging their golf clubs.


Stay in the Hitting Zone

Driving ranges will alternate their practice areas to replenish the grass. Stay in the designated hitting zone. Watch for neighboring golfers who are hitting from an angle. Their ball might come in your direction.