How to Become a Cleveland Golf Dealer

By Jennifer Stow

In the multibillion-dollar golf industry there are many avenues in which to work and make a great living. Golf professional, golf-course owner or superintendent are just a few. One of the most popular is sales representative or golf dealer. Working as a dealer you can find yourself traveling across the country talking to and entertaining clients. You have the latest equipment and everyone will seek your opinion. The most coveted sales rep jobs are those from big name companies, like Titleist, Taylor Made or Callaway. Not only are these companies popular, but they have goods in more then just one category; they sell golf clubs, balls, shoes and clothing. Getting a job from one of these companies is very hard and takes years of experience. Some of the smaller companies, like Cleveland, have goods in all categories, but their main focus is golf clubs. Working for a company like this is just as rewarding and fun.


Difficulty: Challenging
Step 1
To acquire the skills needed in this job you first need to decide if you have a knack for selling. If you don't like getting up in public to speak or don't like to meet new people, then this probably isn't the job for you.
Step 2
Once you have decided that you like to sell, hone your skills by getting the right education. A degree in communications, business or marketing will help.
Step 3
Experience in the golf industry is a must. It can be seen as more important then college. Knowledge of the golf swing and the latest technology is what this job is all about. This doesn't mean you have to be a golf professional, but you should at least work at a golf course for a number of years. Do this while attending college to shorten your time.
Step 4
With the appropriate degree and experience, you can apply for what is called a junior tech rep. This job is designed for recent college graduates to learn the Cleveland business. You will go around and do "demo days," which involve going to the driving range of a golf course and letting anyone who wants to hit your product.
Step 5
Spend a few years in this position and wait for your chance to move up in the company. Most golf companies will not hire outside except for someone who has senior-level experience. You may have to take different positions in different regions of the country, but once you have put your time in and the right position opens up, you will have a good chance at it.

Tips & Warnings

Once you are in the Cleveland company, be patient for that perfect dealer job. Sticking with it will show loyalty.

About The Author

Based in Minnesota, Jennifer Stow has written golf related articles for Dick's Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and local golf media. She has been a professional golfer and a golf professional for over ten years and has experienced all sides of the business. She holds a Bachelor of Arts sociology from Rollins College.


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