The Best Way to Clean Golf Clubs

By Jodi Kendall


Maintaining a clean set of clubs is imperative for keeping a golfer's game at top performance. While professional club cleaning services are available at fine country clubs, at-home club cleaning is inexpensive, easy-to-do and personally satisfying. Golfers often enjoy cleaning their own clubs to investigate club quality, evaluate inventory and unearth motivation for the golfing season.


Difficulty: Easy
Step 1
Prepare the cleaning solution. Fill a bucket with only a few inches of warm water. Water levels should be just high enough to submerge the heads of the irons. Ensure that the water is not too hot, as high temperatures can damage clubs. Add a cleaning solution to the water. Most often used is a drop of dish washing soap. However, professional cleaning products are available at golf shops. Allow the cleaning solution to become soapy.
Step 2
Soak only the club iron heads in the bucket of water. Ensure that the heads of the irons are fully submerged in the soapy solution. Make sure that the ferrules do not get wet. Allow a two-minute soak in the cleaning solution to assist in breaking down sand, mud, oils and chemicals on the club heads.
Step 3
Do not submerge woods into bucket. Instead, dampen a cloth rag with the soapy solution and wipe down the heads of woods.
Step 4
Clean the club head grooves. Utilizing a soft-bristled toothbrush (or any non-wire cleaning brush), gently scrub the club head's individual grooves, carefully removing any dried debris and dirt. Additionally, brush over the sole of the golf club and all sides of the head. Be careful not to scratch the shaft.
Step 5
Rinse the heads of the irons. Once you're finished with the scrubbing process, use a garden hose to rinse the club head with warm water (be careful to not let the other club parts get wet).
Step 6
Soak club heads a few minutes longer in the cleaning solution if they still appear dirty. Use a medium-to-hard bristled toothbrush to help remove dried dirt.
Step 7
Wipe down and polish the golf clubs. After a careful inspection of groove and club head cleanliness, use a soft rag or towel to dry the shaft, ferule and club head.
Step 8
Clean the golf club grips. Begin with a fresh bucket of warm water and add a little bit of dish washing liquid. Once the solution is sudsy, dampen a cloth, clean golf club grip and dry with an dry rag. Inspect the grips during this process and determine if replacement is necessary.
Step 9
Verify that the clubs are thoroughly cleaned and dried before replacing them into a golf bag.

Tips & Warnings

Consider the investment in high-quality golf club cleaning products to protect the longevity of your clubs.
Wipe your clubs frequently during play and post-game to maintain cleanliness.
Do not use scalding hot water for cleaning, as this could damage the club.
Never submerge woods in water.


About The Author

Since 2000, Jodi Kendall's writing has appeared on websites such as the National Geographic Channel, NBC Health, iVillage and ABC News. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in writing from the University of Arizona.

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