How to Address the Ball

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Some of the most important fundamentals to hitting a good golf shot take place before you start swinging the club. You have to make sure you have a good grip and set-up to the ball. This is the foundation to being able to make a good swing. Also, take care to line up correctly to your target. Few things are more frustrating than hitting a perfect shot into the bunker beside the green through aiming badly.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Stand a few yards behind the ball and check the desired line to your target. Pick a mark a short distance in front of the ball that is on that line.
Step 2
Move forward to the ball and begin by putting the club head behind the ball and lining it up with the mark you have selected, This will ensure the club head is square to the desired line of flight for your shot.
Step 3
Move your feet into the correct position for your stance after you have the club head squared to your satisfaction. This also will bring your shoulders and body into the correct line.
Step 4
Place your feet about shoulder distance apart. Stand with your arms hanging relaxed before you and your knees slightly bent. If you stiffen up at address, it will be very difficult to start the club back smoothly or to swing along the correct plane.
Step 5
Ensure the ball position is such you will hit the ball at the bottom of your swing or a fraction before (with the shorter clubs). This will mean positioning the ball in the center of your stance for the mid- to short irons and slightly further forward for long irons or hybrids, where a more sweeping motion is desired. For fairway woods, move closer to the left heel, as you need to sweep the ball off the grass instead of aiming to take a divot. As the modern driver benefits from a strike slightly on the upswing, a ball position level with the left heel is beneficial.
Step 6
Glance forward at the nearby mark you selected to make sure the club still is square to the line, then make your shot.

Tips & Warnings

Take practice swings first. After lining up for the shot, you should hit the ball without having moved out of the position you took.
Take practice swings first.
After lining up for the shot, you should hit the ball without having moved out of the position you took.

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