How to Buy Adams Golf Clubs

By Lyle@Nymble

Adams Golf made some of the most popular clubs in the game. From drivers, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters, Adams made clubs for every level of player. Founded by Gary Adams in 1991, Adams Golf was purchased by TaylorMade in 2012 and phased out. However, it is still possible to find Adams Golf clubs on the secondary market. 


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Step 1
Identify your swing type. The first step to shopping for any golf club is identifying what type of golfer you are and what type of swing you have. A beginner or a high-handicap golfer will be looking for a game-improvement club like the Idea A7 or A3, or the super-game improvement clubs like the oversized Idea A7OS or A3OS. A low-handicapper or highly competitive amateur will require what often is called a "players" club, like the Idea Pro, that is more difficult to hit but offers greater distance and versatility off the tee.
Step 2
Identify the club(s) and shots you want to hit. Are you looking for a driver or a fairway wood? Do you need a full set of irons or are you looking to replace your difficult-to-hit long irons with a hybrid club? These are the basic questions you need to ask before shopping for clubs.
Step 3
Familiarize yourself with Adams clubs. Adams manufactured clubs for all types of players, like the Insight XTD driver for slower swingers, and the Speedline for more accomplished players. Adams makes some of the most popular hybrids in the game, like the Idea A7 and A7OS for mid- to high-handicap players, or the Idea Pro and Pro Gold, designed more for single-digit handicappers.
Step 4
Use internet resources to find the right club. Be sure and compare prices and if you have any doubts about a club seller then it is best to find another seller. 

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