How to Stop Skulling Chips

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The two most common problems on the short chip shot is for a player to either chunk or skull the ball. The term skull is used to describe the blow where we catch the middle of the ball with the edge of the club. Such a blow sends the ball much lower and further than we had intended, often through the back of the green. Follow these instructions to prevent a skulled chip shot.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Take your stance and place your weight on your front foot. Keep it there.
Step 2
Keep your head still, directly over the ball, with your eyes focused downward.
Step 3
Advance your hands slightly so they are in front of the ball.
Step 1
Take the club back a short distance. Experiment with taking it back no more than a foot or to your back thigh.
Step 2
Use a crisp, firm downward swing.
Step 3
Pinch the ball against the ground, following through so as to create a divot.

Tips & Warnings

Most skulls are caused by a player swaying, often because of a lift of the head just prior to making contact. That movement causes you to lift up and hit the middle of the ball. A second mistake is to try to lift the ball instead of hitting downward. Such a move will again cause you to lift up and make contact with the center rather than the bottom half of the ball.


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