How to Remove the Governor on an Electric Golf Cart

By Lawrence Malestic

So, you're feeling a bit dare-devilish and want your golf cart to go faster. Probably someone told you that you could remove the governor from your electric golf cart to make it go faster. The bad news is there is no governor on an electric golf cart, but the good news is there are several options to quench your need for speed.


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Step 1
The first option to making your cart faster is to replace the electronic speed control. This will enable more voltage to pass to the motor, producing the desired result. Unfortunately, this upgrade is not inexpensive as the unit can run anywhere from $100 to $1,000.
Step 2
Another choice is to run a big resistor in parallel to the field winding that is installed from the factory. This will cause the motor to spin at a higher rpm, making the cart faster. The drawback to this is that excess wear and tear will be put on the motor and could affect its longevity.
Step 3
You could also replace the motor, opting for a more high-performance unit; but, if you choose this route, you'll most likely have to replace the speed control along with it, which equates to more money out of pocket.
Step 4
A fairly easy way to go is to replace the standard rims on the cart with larger ones. The rpm delivered to the tires will remain constant but they will cover more distance. The trade-off here is what you gain in mph will be sacrificed in the low-end pick-up.
Step 5
The last and most logical option is to change the gear in the rear end of the cart. The factory gear most likely has a 12.5:1 ratio, which allows the cart to achieve somewhere around 14 mph. If you swap out the factory gear for one with an 8:1 gear ratio, you'll up your top end to about 20 mph.

Tips & Warnings

It should be noted that the golf cart you are trying to make faster may not be designed to do so. Weigh the options carefully and exercise caution whenever driving a golf cart at any speed. Remember that golf carts are not equipped with seat belts, air bags and other safety equipment that you find in automobiles.

About The Author

Lawrence Malestic grew up around the game of golf, first as a club caddie at North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Illinois. He then became a professional, caddying on the PGA European Tour for 2 seasons and the Senior PGA Tour for 12 years. His former bosses include Orville Moody, Bruce Crampton, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Gary Player, Lee Trevino and Tom Weiskopf.


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