Golf Cart Won't Start? Troubleshooting Tips for E-Z-GO Carts

By Jackson Lewis

Golfer's foot on golf cart accelerator

If you own a gas-powered E-Z-GO golf cart, you might run into the frustrating situation when your golf cart won't start, even if it still has a spark. If this happens to you, check out our step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting an E-Z-GO cart that won't "turn over" below.

E-Z-GO is one of the most popular manufacturers of golf carts in the world. The company has been in existence since 1954 and produces golf carts of varying types and models.

Step 1. Confirm the Battery Isn't Drained

Verify that your golf cart lights (if installed) were not left on. If they were, then your battery charge may just be low, requiring recharge or replacement.

Step 2. Make Sure it's in Park

Check to make sure the golf cart transmission selector is in the "park" position. Some models of E-Z-GO gas-powered carts may fail to start with a charge if the selector is not fully in the "park" position.

Step 3. Check the Battery Connections

Wear acid-resistant work gloves. Then, twist the battery connections back and forth by the battery terminals and attempt to start the golf cart. If the cart starts or comes closer to starting than before, you will need to take time to wipe down your battery and reattach the connections. If your cable connections are significantly corroded and the connections to the battery were firm, then replacement of the cables will be required in the short term to prevent future problems with starting your E-Z-GO golf cart.

Step 4. Check Ignition Wire

Visually inspect the ignition wire for corrosion and connection. The ignition wire goes from the key of your golf cart to the starter solenoid. The wire plugs into the solenoid and it is not uncommon for it to become dislodged during heavy use of the cart. If it has, reseat the wire into the solenoid. If the wire appears corroded, wear your work gloves and wipe down the wire and attempt restarting the golf cart. If the cart will not start, then you will need to replace the ignition wire.


If you continue to have trouble after going through these steps it is recommended that you consult with your local E-Z-GO dealer for service and to remedy the issue.

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