How to Paint a Golf Cart Body

By Jamie Lisse

Red golf carts in garage
A golf cart can start to look a little faded after being out in the sun for a while. If you want to spruce up your golf cart, you can give it a new paint job. You can even make your golf cart stand out by painting the body any color that you want. Painting a golf cart body is not too difficult and can be completed in an afternoon.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
  1. Sand the surface of the golf cart body with 1000 grit sandpaper. Use a circular motion when you are sanding to get the best results. This will create a lot of dust, so wear safety goggles to keep the dust out of your eyes. Rinse the dust off with a hose when you are done and dry the body with a soft towel.
  2. Set up the golf cart in a garage to prevent any outside debris from blowing onto it while you are painting. Take some masking tape and plastic and cover all of the areas on the golf cart that you do not want to paint or get any paint on. Put the tape right along the area to be painted. Try to be accurate in your placement of the tape or you will miss some of the area that needs painting. Lay down cardboard or a drop cloth if you do not want paint on the floor.
  3. Get acrylic paint, primer and sealer from a local auto body paint shop or from an online retailer such as TCP Global. Two thin coats of primer should be applied first. Allow 20 minutes between each coat. Once the second coat is on it will need to dry for one hour. Once it is dry, use the sandpaper to buff the surface lightly to remove flaws, like paint bubbles. Clean any dust off with the towel.
  4. Spray on three to four base coats of the acrylic paint to the golf cart body. Allow 20 minutes between each coat. Let it dry for one hour after you have applied the final coat. Then apply two thin coats of the sealer for the topcoat. Be sure that you only buy sealer that is compatible with acrylic paint. Allow 30 minutes between each coat of the sealer.
  5. Leave the golf cart to dry for a 24-hour period. Once that period has passed, remove the masking tape and plastic and you will be able to use the golf cart and show off your new paint job.

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