How to Hit a Flop Shot in Golf

By Patrick Foley

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The flop shot is a specialty shot that is used for short distances that must escape obstacles or land precisely and stop. It requires an open-faced swing that takes much practice to be consistent and develop confidence in the shot. It is a difficult shot for which to get feel and control. There are a few aspects of the flop shot that are critical and must be understood to create a consistent useful shot.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
  1. Open your stance dramatically; it is imperative when hitting a flop shot. This is crucial because the club head will be opened, so it must be compensated for by an open stance. The open stance should be about a 45-degree angle to the ball. This will put the ball on a straight line for the designated target instead of being struck to the left or right.
  2. Open the face of your club. Opening the face of the golf club will give the flop shot the proper loft to fly over hazards or obstacles, and to also land softly and under control. Open the face when it looks like it is almost facing upwards toward you. This will look awkward but when taking the swing, the club will come through the ball, make proper contact and launch the ball high into the air.
  3. Take a longer swing. A proper swing for a flop shot is going to be much longer than a chip or short pitch shot. A half-to-full swing is necessary to put the ball 10 to 20 yards away. Put all the power of the swing into hitting the ball up in the air, which will keep it away from hazards while shortening the length of the shot.
  4. Put your weight on your back foot. This will aid in the upward movement of the ball and proper contact. Also it will be a big problem if a golfer tries to help the ball up, which can lead to a skull shot. Be relaxed when taking this shot and practice it before trying it on the course. Let the club do the work, take a smooth long swing, open the face and stance and hit a great flop shot.

Tips & Warnings

  • Open the face Open the stance
  • Open the face
  • Open the stance
  • Don't help the Ball

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