How to Hot-wire an E-Z-GO Golf Cart

By Bobby Ingram

golf cart rear on course
Hot-wiring somebody else's golf cart is illegal and should not be performed under any circumstance. If, however, you own a golf cart and have lost the key, hot-wiring is an easy process that allows you to bypass the cart's ignition.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
  1. Ensure that power to the cart is turned on.
  2. Locate the two wires connected to the cart's ignition. In most models they can be found behind the seat.
  3. Cut the wires and strip the ends.
  4. Touch the ends of the wires together to force the engine to turn over without turning the ignition.
  5. Secure the wires together with electrical tape.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hot-wiring a cart runs the risk of electric shock and should only be used as a last resort.

About the Author

Bobby Ingram is a professional writer who majored in journalism at The College of New Jersey. In addition to work with and, Bobby has done PR with Major League Lacrosse's New Jersey Pride organization, where he served as the team's beat reporter.