How to Wear Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

By Matthew Fortuna

The Air Force 1 shoe from Nike, named after the famous airplane used by the president, has surpassed Nike's Jordan shoes as the highest-selling shoes in the world.

Air Force 1s were first introduced in 1982 based on a design by Bruce Kilgore. The first shoes featured a white upper with a Velcro strap across the ankle for a tight fit. They have since been released in dozens of colors and designs.

The shoe has come to be associated with a type of urban culture, and has become famous as a basketball shoe and a fashion statement. The Air Force 1 has also been strongly linked to the hip hop culture after they were immortalized in a song by Nelly, a rapper from St. Louis. While these are not golf shoes and do not have cleats, you can certainly wear them on the course when it is not rainy or muddy.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1
Wear them very loose, unlaced and untied with the laces untied and knotted at the end, so that they are not hanging to the ground but not tucked into your shoes, either. Leave the Velcro straps on the shoes undone and hanging loosely on the shoe.
Step 2
Lace them Nelly style using a loose crisscross pattern. Start by putting the left end of the shoelace through the bottom left eyelet and the right end of the shoelace through the bottom right eyelet, coming in from underneath. Alternate left and right as you make your way up the shoe, always lacing from beneath the eyelets. When you get to the top eyelet, tuck the laces under the tongue of the shoe and tie the two ends together in a double knot. Carefully loosen the crisscrossed parts. Be careful not to trip.
Step 3
Lace your shoes Kanye West style by using the bar method. Start by putting the left end of the shoelace through the bottom left eyelet and the right end of the shoelace through the bottom right eyelet, coming in from above the eyelets. Pull the right end up through the eyelet directly above it on the right side. Then pull it straight across to the left, entering this eyelet from above. Use the next set of parallel eyelets for the left end of the shoelace. Continue in this alternating fashion until you have the shoe laced up. Tie each end in an overhand knot to keep it in place, and tuck the ends into the shoe.
Step 4
Loosely tuck the bottom hem of your pant leg into the top of your shoes. Do not let your pants cover the shoes.
Step 5
Wear them with low-cut short socks, not mids, calfs, or high-top socks. The low-cut socks emerge just over the ankle and are just visible over the top of the shoe.

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