How to Clean a Golf Glove

Updated September 9, 2022
golfer backswing
    golfer backswing
Golf gloves can help you get a better grip on the golf club and improve your score. In time, your gloves will get covered with dirt, sand and stains. Washing your golf gloves the proper way will keep you from ruining them. The safest way to clean golf gloves that are either hand- or machine-washable is to wash those gloves in your sink. Golf gloves that cannot be washed, however, should only be spot-cleaned whenever they get dirty.


Difficulty: Moderate
  1. Remove debris from your golf gloves. You can use your hands or a soft brush to wipe off the debris.
  2. Fill your sink with cool water.
  3. Add 2 tbsp. of a mild, moisturizing liquid soap to the water. You also can add 1 tbsp. of liquid fabric softener to the solution as an additional way to remove odors and keep your golf gloves soft.
  4. Soak your gloves for 20 minutes.
  5. Place your hands under the water and wipe off your golf gloves. Squeeze water through the inside of the gloves to clean them.
  6. Air dry your gloves. You can hang them over your sink or shower or place them in front of a fan. It may take 24 hours for the golf gloves to fully dry.
  7. Place a soft cloth towel under running water, then wring it out so the towel is no longer dripping wet. It should still be damp, however. Fold the towel in half.
  8. Add three to four drops of the liquid soap to the middle of one side of the towel.
  9. Wipe the dirty areas of the golf glove with the soap-covered portion of the towel. Turn the towel around and use the non-soapy portion to remove the soap from the glove.
  10. Turn the glove inside out if possible and repeat this process to clean the inside of the gloves. If you cannot turn the glove inside out, you can wipe the inside of it with the soapy portion of the towel.
  11. Air dry your gloves.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a golf glove holder to prolong the life of your golf gloves and keep them dry and flat.
  • To keep from ruining your golf gloves, avoid placing them in a washing machine or dryer.