How to Scoop Up a Golf Ball with Clubs

By Andrew Smith

Gary Woodland scooping ball with putter
Bouncing or balancing a golf ball with a golf club can be a fun trick to perform and can also impress your golf buddies. Before you can begin working on these tricks, however, you must first learn to scoop up a golf ball using only a golf club. Having full control of your golf club and positioning the face of your club correctly will allow you to perform this trick without striking the golf ball away from your body.


Difficulty: Moderate
  1. Grip a golf club with your dominant (writing) hand as you would if you were getting ready to tee off. Then, position your hand down the grip of the club so your thumb is touching the bottom of the grip.
  2. Drop a golf ball onto a flat area. Using a flat surface will make scooping the golf ball much easier.
  3. Place the face of your golf club directly behind the ball. Position the club at about a 45-degree angle. The face of the club should be touching the ground.
  4. Slide the golf club quickly underneath the ball. When you do this, you should make a "swooping" motion with the club as if you were drawing a small "U" with the club. The face of the golf club should then be pointed straight up into the air and the golf ball should fly straight up.
  5. Keep the face of your club pointed straight up in order to either bounce the golf ball or cradle the ball with your golf club. These separate tricks will take some time to perfect.

Tips & Warnings

  • You should use a high-degree wedge (60 degree and up) when attempting this trick.

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