How to Hit a Golf Ball With an Iron

By Steve Smith

Irons are a difficult part of the game to master. Most beginners make the same mistake--hitting under the ball. The key is to make solid contact with the ball without driving the head of the iron into the ground. This creates more force and spins the ball backward, making it rise into the air.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Plant your feet about two feet apart, one on each side of the ball. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable.
Step 2
Raise the club behind you, above your shoulders. Then, keeping your hips perpendicular to the ball, begin to swing down with the club.
Step 3
Try to strike the ball a little higher than you might think is necessary. You want the center of the club face to contact the center of the ball. Strike the ball first, ground second.
Step 4
Rotate your hips after striking the ball. Keep your hands moving forward well after you have connected with the ball. The club and your arms should form a continuous straight line all the way through the swing.

Tips & Warnings

Practice over and over again until you are comfortable with the swing. Good iron shots don't happen overnight.

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