How to Replace Golf Cart Tires

Updated November 9, 2021
silhouette of golfer
    silhouette of golfer
Many golf carts these days have tires that are tubeless. For a person who has had some experience with tubed tires, fixing a flat usually used to involve a tire plug kit. With tubeless tires, you have to remove the tire from the rim to replace it with a new one. In this article you will get instructions on how to change your golf cart tires properly.

Instructions to Replace Golf Cart Tires

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

  1. Slide the small floor jack under the chassis of the golf cart on the side. Raise the golf cart.
  2. Remove the lug nuts using the proper socket size.
  3. Pull the wheel off of the lug studs.
  4. Use the valve stem tool (as per package instructions) to remove the valve from the tire stem.
  5. Lay the wheel down on pavement and push the tire down as close to the rim as you can get. This will take a lot of force because you are trying to break the bead. You need to push down until the tire becomes unstuck from the rim.
  6. Place a piece of cloth on the rim where it meets with the tire.
  7. Use one tire iron as a lever to pull up a gap between the tire and the rim.
  8. Use another tire iron to pry the tire up and over the edge of the rim. You will most likely have to do this at least two times; once as described, and again on the opposite side.
  9. Wash the rim with soapy water, in the spray bottle, and a clean rag.
  10. Spray some extra soapy water on the rim and the new tire to assist in putting on the new tire.
  11. Use the tire irons as levers to push the new tire back over the rim's edge. This is just the opposite of what you did to remove the old tire.
  12. Replace the valve and inflate the tire using the electric pump as described below.
  13. Replace the entire wheel and tighten the lug nuts. Lower the jack and remove it from under the cart.

Purchasing and Replacing

Today, some golf cart tires are sold already mounted on the wheel. This is because the tires are so small, and the rims are cheap enough that it makes sense to sell both together instead of removing a tire to place it on an old rim.

When this is the case, you can simply jack up your golf cart with a car jack, or if you have a special golf cart jack, remove the lug nuts from the old tire and mount the new tire and wheel onto the cart.

Replacing the Golf Cart Tire

Whether you are installing a new tire on an old rim, or a new tire and rim together, it is important to install the tire with the tread facing the proper direction. Check the manual or box to see which way the tread should face since most golf cart tires are designed with treads that perform best when moving in one direction.

Before you install the tire over an old rim, clean the rim with an automotive de-greasing agent or strong cleaner, and then wash both the rim and tire in soap and water. Place the rim through the tire, and then, using the tire irons, tuck the tire lip under the edge of the rim.


Inflating a New Golf Cart Tire

Fill the tire with air using an electric air pump to the exact specifications the manufacturer suggests. Use an accurate air pressure gauge to read the pressure; do not rely on the air pump's gauge because it is not always accurate. Most golf cart tires inflate to around 20 psi. This could be higher or lower depending on your brand and the type of tire you own.

Choosing the Right Replacement Golf Cart Tires

Golf cart tires are made for specific ground types. There are tires for sand and mud with larger treads, small tread tires for grass and several other varieties. Read each tire's specifications to see what type of ground it is suited for before you buy. Also, match the tire size to your cart. The cart's documentation should provide a specific size for replacement golf cart tires. The tires need enough clearance to operate properly.