Golf Tournament:
VVA/AVVA Annual Tournament

VVA/AVVA Annual Tournament
July 26, 2019
July 26, 2019
All are welcome
Golf Tournament
50.00 individual/200.00 team
Vietnam Veterans Scholarships
Mayville Golf Club
Mayville, North Dakota
Cheryl A Conway
Kick-off to the North Dakota VVA and AVVA annual picnic
All proceeds go towards Youth scholarship Programs

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Video of the Day
Proper Putting Stroke Watch Video>>

Chipping Club Selection Use a club that will allow you to land the ball in a consistent spot on the green and roll to the hole
Chipping: Arc in the Swing Use your right forearm to turn as you go through while the left arm is folding in. Make sure to maintain an arc in your swing as this short swing still requires a rounded swing path.
Golf Swing Plane Learn how to identify whether your swing plane is correct