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Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play and Putting By Thomas Tetrault, PGA Pro

In a round of golf, 70% of your shots are hit from 120 yards or closer. Every one who plays golf does not possess the physical ability to hit 250 yard drives, but does have the ability to hit the ball 120 yards. To be a good short game player you mus…

Picking the Right Wedge for Your Approach Shot By Larry O. Krupp

When you are in the 10 to 30 yards off the green area, do you know which wedge to use? If not, you need to spend some time hitting balls with all 3 of your wedges from at least 3 different distances, 10, 20, and 30 yards out. The idea is to land the …

The Flop Shot By Roland Stafford

The flop shot is very valuable when you need to carry the ball over undesirable areas such as water and sand from about 10 to 40 yards. Hit properly the ball will land on the green and stop reasonably fast.

The Flop Shot By Joe Sullivan

The high lob (flop shot) is a short game shot that every golfer needs to be able to execute. No matter if you are a tour pro or a 30 handicapper, you will be faced with this shot quite often.

The Lob Shot vs. the Chip Shot By Bob Wyatt

A common rule of thumb when around the green usually dictates getting the ball rolling as soon as possible, creating a low risk approach shot. This thinking is fine for middle to high handicappers, but not in all cases would I give this advice to the…

The Short Game - Chipping and Pitching By The Original Golf School

There are two parts to a successful short game: the plan and the execution. The plan is simply defining your shot before you play it. You should determine where you plan to land the ball and how far it will roll. The plan should include landing the b…

Weight Shift - Chipping Club Selection By Joe Sullivan

You don't always need a perfect technique to be a good chipper. In fact, a lot of times it's the people who have the best imagination and the softest hands who end up being the best.