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A Golf Training Program Isn't Just Hitting Balls at the Range By Mike Pedersen

If you're a golfer and you hear the term "golf training program", you may thinkit means going to the practice range or course and hitting balls; chipping and putting.While this would be an effective golf training program for your "feel" and confidenc…

Back Pain And Golf Can Be Improved With Exercise And Stretching By Mike Pedersen

Every golfer at some point experiences back pain in golf. It's unfortunate and can keepa golfer off the course indefinitely, but is something that needs to be dealt witheffectively.

Flexibility Exercises For Golf Should Be Specific To Your Swing By Mike Pedersen

If you are looking for a bigger backswing, you need to incorporate flexibilityexercises for golf that target the muscles used specific to your swing. Doing flexibilityexercises haphazardly will not get you that bigger backswing.

Golf Specific Strength Exercises By Mike Pedersen

Every golfer is looking for more power. Golf specific strength exercises can get you there the quickest. You is not pounding more balls that will get you to drive the ball farther, nor is it taking more lessons. The key is incorporating stre…

Stretches Before Golf to Achieve Par By Mike Pedersen

Stretches before golf...what a novel idea right? I have heard hundreds of storiesof golfers hurrying to the course, grabbing their titanium driver, and hacking upa few golf swings, then rushing to the first tee. The result usually isn't pretty...most…

Warming Up Your Golf Muscles By Tom Ward

Your hands are the only contact you have with the club, and unfortunately for most golfers, this is where all the problems begin.