Golf Tips - Stretches Before Golf to Achieve Par

By Mike Pedersen

Stretches before golf...what a novel idea right? I have heard hundreds of stories of golfers hurrying to the course, grabbing their titanium driver, and hacking up a few golf swings, then rushing to the first tee. The result usually isn't pretty...mostly bogey, double bogey or maybe the dreaded snowman.

Has this scenario happened to you?

All you've got to do is a few simple golf stretches before golf to get that first par or maybe even birdie. Of course swinging a club and putting is also very important. But if your body isn't warmed up, forget it!

The phrase I have used for years is, "prepare your body to perform". Every other athlete warms their body up to perform, why wouldn't a golfer? A body that is not properly warmed up will not have a chance at the proper swing sequence without tension.

Now the question is what type of warm up to do that would be the most effective? Since you are preparing to perform a very dynamic movement (golf swing), you would want to perform dynamic (movement) golf stretches. These golf stretches will be the most effective for getting your body ready to play your best from the first hole on.

I have inserted a couple to give you an idea of what type of stretches before gofl you should be doing.

Partial Squat with Club Partial Squat with Club


  • Feet Shoulder Width Apart
  • Place club in front of you and hold with both hands for balance
  • Lower body by bending at the knees not hips and raise club at same time
  • Raise back up and repeat 10 times
  • Keep upper body very erect

Benefit to Golf Swing:

  • Increase blood flow and circulation through out body
  • Great total body warm up to allow body to make a relaxed, comfortable first swing
  • Increase range of motion in hips encouraging a more synchronized swing from the ground up

Standing Rotation/Twist with Club Standing Rotation/Twist
with Club


  • Hold club chest high, with grip shoulder width apart
  • While keeping feet and hips fairly stable, rotate club to the right and then the left
  • Try to breathe out on every turn to release tension
  • Repeat each side 10 times

Benefit to Golf Swing

  • Prepare golf specific muscles of the trunk to make an aggressive move from the first tee on
  • Also prepares proper sequencing of swing, while warming muscles
  • Will improve body movements during swing from the beginning, not sacrificing strokes of the first couple of holes

These are just two simple stretches before golf that can make a huge difference in your performance (especially the first few holes). *


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