Golf Tips - Back Pain And Golf Can Be Improved With Exercise And Stretching

By Mike Pedersen

Every golfer at some point experiences back pain in golf. It's unfortunate and can keep a golfer off the course indefinitely, but is something that needs to be dealt with effectively.

The golf swing is brutal on your back. It is unnatural, and physically abusive to the body. Just picture swinging a 3 foot implement (club) at over 100 mph while staying in a very uncomfortable position (golf posture).

Back Pain Caused From Golf

The repetitive nature of the golf swing predisposes the back to stress, strain, pain and injury. Back pain in golf is the most common injury among amateur golfers world wide. This is so prevalent that entire books have been written and chiropractors have dramatically improved their bank accounts thanks to golfers coming in 2 to 3 times a week indefinitely.

The golf swing requires both golf specific strength and flexibility, specifically in your core area to withstand the stress the low back is under. If your core is weak or inflexible, all the pressure goes right into the lower back, glutes and even hip area.

Rotating your upper body over a stable lower body is the physical demand we are talking about that can wreak havoc on golfers' low back and cause a high level of pain.

This movement occurs over a hundred of times per round when you combine practice before play (hitting balls), preshot swings before every shot, actual swings, and not to discount bending over to put the ball on the tee and to get it out of the hole after you've made your putt.

Golf Exercises To Withstand The Pressure

Golf exercises are one of the quickest ways to eliminate and prevent back pain from occurring. Exercises specific to the core from a rotational standpoint will be the most effective. The golf swing is a pure rotational movement, so training your body with exercises involving core rotation will give you the best return from your efforts.

These exercises do not have to be performed in a gym, nor with fancy equipment. You can incorporate simple and effective exercises with light dumbbells, exercise tubing and weighted medicine balls. All very inexpensive and available at most local fitness equipment stores in your locale.

Golf Stretching To Keep The Tension Out

Since the golf swing requires a higher level of flexibility, it is only wise to implement golf stretching exercises that isolate the core, lower back and even the glutes.

These stretches can be both dynamic (movement) and static (holding), depending on the time they are done. For example, before golf or practice should be dynamic stretches to prepare the body to perform, and after golf or after a warm shower in the morning should be static stretches isolating the above mentioned areas.

Golf stretching is only effective if done consistently. Preferably on a daily, if not every other day basis. Muscles can "go back" very quickly if left alone. They are elastic and can easily be improved, as well as quickly tightened if not stretched regularly.

The End Result A Better Game And Healthy Back

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the importance of fitness, exercise and stretching to not only reduce or eliminate back pain, but to improve golf performance and longevity of the game.

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