Woodville, Texas Golf Courses

There are 0 golf courses in Woodville, Texas.There is 1 other golf course within 20 miles of Woodville, including 1 public, 0 municipal and 0 private courses. The oldest course in the Woodville area is the Wildwood Golf Course which was designed by Leon Howard and opened in 1964. The longest course is Wildwood Golf Course, which is 6,696 yards. Wildwood Golf Course is rated the best course near Woodville.

There are no Golf Courses in "Woodville, TX". However following courses are near that area.

18 holes over 6,696 yards with a par of 72 (Public) Write a Review
2200 Button Willow
Village Mills, TX 77664
(409) 834-2940
16 miles from the center of Woodville. Write a Review


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