Breckenridge, Texas Golf Courses

There is 1 golf course in Breckenridge, Texas and 0 are municipal courses. The oldest course in the Breckenridge area is the Breckenridge Country Club opened in 1913. The longest course is Breckenridge Country Club, which is 3,007 yards.

9 holes over 3,007 yards with a par of 36 (Public) Write a Review
4111 W Walker St
Breckenridge, TX 76424
(254) 559-3466
3 miles from the center of Breckenridge. Write a Review


Beth S.  Scored 88 at  El Rio North Fort Myers, Florida

Beth S.  Scored 90 at  El Rio North Fort Myers, Florida

Beth S.  Scored 89 at  El Rio North Fort Myers, Florida

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