Woodstock, Prince Edward Island Golf Courses

There is 1 golf course in Woodstock, Prince Edward Island and 1 is a municipal course. The oldest course in the Woodstock area is the Mill River Golf Course opened in 1971. Mill River Golf Course is rated the best course near Woodstock.

18 holes (Municipal) Write a Review
180 Mill River Resort Road
Woodstock, PE C0B 1V0
(800) 235-8909
0 miles from the center of Woodstock. Write a Review


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Cure For Heel Shots: Club Rotation When the clubface rotates the heel becomes the leading edge of the club and makes contact first so practice making dollar bill divots to eliminate that clubface rotation
Swing Map: Balance Balance is key to rotating rather than bobbing in the golf swing
Outside Backswing Cure One of the most common faults in the swing is taking the club back outside, to fix this many players try to control the clubhead but in the swing it is actually the club handle that controls the clubhead so put a tee in your grip and measure your handle distance from your body through the swing