Walkerville, Michigan Golf Courses

Below is our comprehensive list of golf courses in the Walkerville, Michigan area. We list them by proximity to Walkerville, including courses in neighboring cities. Award-winning golf courses are noted. Click on the course name to view more information on the course, including reviews and tournaments. For more golf courses in this region of Michigan, choose a city from the list to the right. For places to stay, check out Walkerville, MI resorts & hotels.

9 holes (Public)
4411 N 160th Ave
Walkerville, MI 49459-9473
This location is closed for business.
8 miles from the center of Walkerville.
18 holes over 5,847 yards with a par of 70 (Public)
6409 W 76th St
Baldwin, MI 49304-8751
(231) 898-2450
9 miles from the center of Walkerville.
18 holes over 6,350 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
1100 Ramshorn Dr
Fremont, MI 49412-7894
(231) 924-2640
16 miles from the center of Walkerville.
18 holes over 6,222 yards with a par of 71 (Public)
2888 S Comstock Ave
Fremont, MI 49412
(231) 924-3380
17 miles from the center of Walkerville.


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Cure For Toe Shots: Clubface Opening and closing the face of the club too much during the backswing and downswing will cause you to hit the ball with the toe of the club
Pitching from Tight Lies This is an intimidating shot, but it can be managed easily by getting your weight far forward in your stance so that your sternum is above the ball at address
Aim and Accuracy Create an imaginary line to the target when lining up your shot then aim with your eyes down that line in order to hit your target
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