Mizuno MX-23 Irons: Powerful Designs and Features

Updated August 4, 2021
Mizuno blue and white golf bag

    Released in 2003, the Mizuno MX-23 irons are great for players who are a little more serious about their game. They also are a great-looking club to have in the bag with a sleek design.

    What to Know About the MX-23 Irons

    The MX-23 was the best-selling forged iron of all time and is still widely popular among pros and amateurs. One of the MX-23’s most notable features is the long and wide pocket cavity, which nicely balances the weight away from the clubface. This creates a larger sweet spot and promotes good ball flight, important in a forged iron.

    MX-23 Versus MX-25

    Mizuno MX-23 irons are forged from 1035 mild carbon steel, which offers a soft feel and easy workability through a variety of lies.

    Meanwhile, the MX-25 irons contain a bit less carbon with their 1025 carbon steel construction. The company claims this is a better and softer option than the 1035 steel with a better center of gravity. Both models are plated with nickel chrome.


    Shaft Differences

    Mizuno MX-23 irons are equipped with True Temper Dynalite Gold, S300 (Stiff) or R300 (Regular flex) shafts, or Mizuno's Exsar Blue, available in stiff (S) and regular (R) flex.

    While these are solid shafts, the MX-25 irons come with Dynalite Superlite (stiff or regular) or Exsar IS2 (stiff, regular, or lite flex). These options are slight upgrades to the MX-23 shafts.

    Sole Differences

    Whether the differences in the MX 23 and MX 25 soles significantly affect playability is debatable. Both clubs have a triple-cut sole. However, the 25s have a more rounded trailing edge. This, for some players, may help with making solid contact from the fairway.

    MX-23 Iron Review

    The Mizuno MX-23 Irons are beautifully designed forged clubs that are ideal for low- to mid-handicappers. Beginners and high-handicappers should think twice before adding these irons to the bag because workability for better players can easily translate to a two-way miss for players who haven’t yet established a consistent and effective swing.

    That said, the quality of the MX-23 irons is not in question. After all, they’re from Mizuno, so a high standard is to be expected. The forged heads have a beautiful satin finish and deep pocket cavities in the long irons. Mizuno’s MX-23 irons have a pretty big face, but the feel and ability to shape shots is what makes them so good.


    MX-23 Iron Value

    According to the PGA Value Guide, the resale value for a set of Mizuno MX-23 irons ranges between $131.00-176.00. A club trade-in credit runs between $43.00 to $61.00 depending on the club. A brand new set would run about $999.00.

    Where to Buy Mizuno MX-23 Irons

    Secondary sites like eBay and 2ndswing.com are great places to start your search for MX-23 irons.

    Bottom Line

    If you’re a mid-to-low-handicapper and enjoy forged irons, these are a great set. Mizuno irons are really popular and the MX-23s are one of the better they’ve created.

    Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport via Getty Images