The Definitive List of Golf Push Cart Accessories

By Todd Mrowice

Bag Boy push cart mitt

You’ve made the big purchase. You’re now the proud owner of a shiny new golf push cart. Though after you’ve hit the golf course a few times you might feel like you’re missing something. While push carts come well equipped, some additional accessories might be just what you need to complete your setup. Here is a list of some of the best push cart accessories to make your walk more enjoyable.

Alphard Club Booster V2

Alphard club booster

Let’s start with the coolest accessory there is. The Alphard Club Booster V2 is next-level when it comes to additions to your already great push cart. In fact, it takes your push cart and transforms it into a premium electric cart controlled by a magnetic tether or a remote. All you have to do is remove the rear wheels of your cart and attach the Club Booster (takes about 20 minutes) and you’ll be the envy of everyone on the course. A 5,200mAh Lithium-ion battery makes it all happen, built to last 500 battery cycles.

Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster

Clicgear umbrella angle adjuster

If you own a Clicgear or Sun Mountain push cart, this Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster umbrella holder is the one you want. Not only does it adjust front to back, but also side-to-side. Additionally, this holder will raise your umbrella 3 inches higher. It’s one of those accessories that you don’t realize you need until you really need it.

JBL Clip 3

If you like to listen to music on the golf course the JBL Clip 3 is the best choice for a Bluetooth speaker. It’s basically made for push carts as it clips to your golf bag or cart, depending on the model. It’s also completely waterproof and has 10 hours of battery life before recharging. Available in over 12 cool colors.

BIG MAX Drop Stop Rainsystem

BIG MAX Drop Stop rainsystem

Forget what you thought you knew about golf rain hoods. The BIG MAX Drop Stop Rainsystem is the ultimate coverall. Place it over the top of your golf bag and leave it there if you’re not worried about the rest of your bag getting wet. It allows easy access to your clubs. If you’d like to take it to the next level, unfold the rest and you have an entire bag covering.


CigarMinder golf push cart accessory

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a good stogie on the golf course, consider the CigarMinder. For ten dollars it allows you to avoid forgetting or ruining that pricy smoke of yours. Just clip it to your cart and swing. Available in black, green, yellow, and orange.

Bag Boy Cart Mitt

Bag Boy push cart mitt

Walking a round of golf in the spring or fall can have all kinds of weather challenges. Avoid giving your hands a beating with the Bag Boy Car Mitt. It attaches firmly to your cart, allowing you to steer your cart while also having the luxury of hand warmer pouches inside. Easily unclips and fits into your bag when you’re not using it.

Caddie Buddy GPS/Phone Mount

The Caddie Buddy GPS/Phone Mount is the perfect solution for keeping your device out and visible while you’re walking and playing. No tools are required, and this universal mount fits on any push cart. It's fully adjustable and fits a wide range of phone and GPS units.

Sun Mountain Supercharged Cart Pouch

Sun Mountain push cart pouch

Having your phone, GPS unit, or any other device die on the course is a thing of the past with the Sun Mountain Supercharged Cart Pouch. This velour-lined pouch attaches to your cart with an accessory knob (included) and comes complete with a Philips Power Bank 7800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery. It has two charging ports, one standard and one rapid charge.

Always double check accessories with your push cart manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

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