Best Golf Grips to Help You Play Like a Pro

By Todd Mrowice

Golfer holding golf club grip

When it comes time to regrip your golf clubs, you have more options available now than ever before. With advancements in rubber technologies and new alignment aid concepts, grip manufacturers offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a golf grip to accommodate hand size or feel, or if you’re just looking for a fun design, your grip is out there. So what are the best grips in each category? Here’s the definitive list.

Best Overall: Golf Pride MCC Plus4

There can be only one "Best Overall" golf grip, and our selection goes to the Golf Pride MCC Plus4.

When it comes to golf grips it’s hard to find a more “tried and true” brand than Golf Pride. If you need more proof, look at any tour equipment report and you’ll find that Golf Pride is far and away the most popular grip manufacturer. The MCC Plus4 is used by many professionals, and is also one of the best selling in retail.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 grip

This grip has a larger lower hand, simulating 4 wraps of tape to promote lighter grip pressure and increased power. It also has a softer rubber than previous generations. If you decide to put the MCC Plus4 on your clubs, you won't be disappointed in the feel or durability. In addition to the standard size, the model is also available in undersize, midsize, and jumbo options.

Best Value: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

There’s a reason that the Tour Velvet from Golf Pride has long been the standard of stock grips from club manufacturers. This grip is durable, tacky, and lends itself well to any level of player. When looking at value golf grips you’ll find many “knockoff” versions of the Tour Velvet, but none matching the quality.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip

At about $6 each, it’s hard to find a better value. A non-slip, rubber-blend grip that’s comfortable on any full swing club in the bag. Also available in junior, undersize, midsize, and jumbo sizes. And if you really want your value, a light cleaning every few rounds will increase the Tour Velvet’s life.

Best For Ladies: Winn Dri-Tac 2.0

For ladies just beginning to play the game or those that have been playing their entire lives, the Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 is suited for all levels. This undersized grip has a .590” core size and weighs only 38g.

The Dri-Tac 2.0 is an upgrade over the original Dri-Tac technology in that it has an increased feel and is even more durable than its predecessor. The grip includes a tapered profile and excellent shock absorption, especially on off center hits. For ladies investing in a new set of clubs or re-gripping their existing set, these grips should be a top consideration.

Best for Juniors: Iomic Sticky

Iomic usually hits a home run when it comes to grips, and the Sticky Grips for junior golfers is no exception. These grips serve a functional purpose, of course, but they also have colors that pop and brighten up a typical youth set of golf clubs.

These Iomic grips have a medium firmness and are extremely tacky. Ideal for junior golfers learning how to grip a golf club and minimizing the amount of club movement in their hands throughout the golf swing. The Iomic Sticky model for juniors is available in eight colors ranging from sky blue to mint green to lemon yellow.

Best Splurge: Best Grips Classic Leather

If there’s a golf grip that’s going to turn heads, it’s definitely the Classic Leather grips from Best Grips. Imagine having the feeling of sitting in a luxury car’s interior in the palms of your hands.

Made from a smooth top-grain leather, these grips are treated with ProTack so they will get tacky when your hands sweat. They have a reduced taper design which gives the feel of 3 wraps on the bottom half of the grip. A classy stitch on the underside of the grip not only looks great, but it also acts as a guide for your fingers. While not for everyone, they are definitely the best grips to splurge on.

Best Pistol Grip: Rosemark 1.52 NEO

Rosemark Grips gained popularity in 2016 when SeeMore made Rosemark its stock grip on several models putters in retail. Also, LPGA phenom Lydia Ko used a Rosemark grip as one of the top ranked players in the world. While Rosemark offers several models, the 1.52 NEO is the best pistol grip on the market. A pistol grip isn’t just tapered, but the shape has a larger outset on the back of the grip at the butt end. A pistol grip promotes a closed putter face at impact.

Rosemark 1.52 NEO grip

With a feel similar to leather, the 1.52 NEO is made from a Tech Neoprene wrap material. Rosemark’s patented "Always Square" Hexagonal Profile is engineered to allow your hands to hold the grip naturally with precise control, meaning a fluid and consistent putting stroke.

Best Oversize Putter Grip: SuperStroke Traxion Tour 5.0

SuperStroke Traxion Tour 5.0

SuperStroke is responsible for a lot of the innovation and changes in putter grip technology in recent years. SuperStroke's oversized grips are also a big reason why golf bag manufacturers had to increase the size of their putter wells. If an oversize putter grip is your speed, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than the Traxion Tour 5.0 from SuperStroke.

Traxion Control is a series of “X-shaped” treads placed in high sensory areas on the grip. The pattern produces an advanced surface texture that improves feedback and tack. A heavily embossed ridge on the underside called Spyne Technology guides golfers to repeatable hand placement. The Traxion Tour is also available in three models smaller than the 5.0.

Most Innovative Grip: Golf Pride Concept Helix

Leave it to Golf Pride to take the common way of installing golf grips and turn it on its head. In 2020 the company introduced the Concept Helix, the first grip that doesn't require tape or solvent. Instead, an installation horn is used to allow golfers to change grips anytime and anywhere. The horn allows the grip to slide onto the shaft, then it’s used to tighten the grip at the butt end to secure it in place.

Golf Pride Concept Helix grip

While traditionalists might be hesitant to embrace this process, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Golf Pride made a serious change to a process that had previously only had one way of getting done. While it might not be the way we install grips a decade from now, it could be the catalyst for revolutionizing an entire segment of golf.

Best Wrap: Winn Dri-Tac Wrap

The traditional wrap golf grip is a far cry from what it originated as. Back in the day of persimmon heads and hickory shafts, professionals would adhere strips of leather to their clubs in a wrapped fashion. Modern day wrap grips mimic what once was, but with a ton a great advances in technology.

The Dri-Tac Wrap from Winn is in a class of its own. Its style appeals to traditional players and WinnDry Polymer gives the highly cushioned feel that Winn lovers have come to know and love. The grips are slip-resistant in all weather conditions and come in standard, oversize, midsize, and ladies models.

Best Full-Cord: Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis

Players looking for the highest traction prefer a golf grip that has cord in it, because the cotton cord woven within the rubber wicks moisture away. For years upon years the Lamkin Crossline full-cord model was considered the standard for players who preferred the feel of a full-cord grip. In 2021, however, Lamkin improved on the original and introduced the Crossline 360 Genesis Full-Cord.

The Genesis material is a hybrid rubber compound that’s blended to deliver a slightly softer feeling grip with greater torsion control. This Lamkin model is geared to perform in all conditions and trusted by TaylorMade to be the stock grip on all of its wedges.

Best Design: Sweet Rollz South Beach

Sweet Rollz South Beach grips

It’s important to remember to have some fun while you’re grinding it out against your playing partners. Where do you need to relax more than on the putting green? A company that might be having the most fun with their designs is Sweet Rollz Golf. The company was founded in 2017 and combines some style and flair to your flat stick.

While difficult to choose just one, the South Beach putter grip jumps out as a truly unique and fun design. Light blue overlay color, pink flamingos all over, and all of the Miami Vice feels. The company compares its manufacturing process to how Porsche put together its steering wheels. Functional, and most importantly, fun.

Best For Large Hands: JumboMax JMX Ultralite XL

If you have larger hands, finding the right golf grip can be very inconvenient. Even a “jumbo” with additional wraps of tape doesn’t always do the trick. Without much comparable competition, JumboMax is in a league of its own. Their main ambassador, Byrson DeChambeau, won the 2020 U.S. Open with the JumboMax JMX Ultralite XL.

Even though these grips are incredibly oversized, they’re 25% lighter than a standard grip. They promote a light and even grip pressure for maximum club head speed and have a Twist-Resistant StabilityCore ™ to avoid twisting in long rough. The Ultralite model is also available in four other size options. The XL version includes DeChambeau’s logo for an addition dollar each, which is donated to his charitable foundation.

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