Cobra KING Speedzone Review

By Amy Masand

Cobra KING Speedzone Driver Review

It’s a common tradeoff with golf drivers. Either you choose the ability to customize but reduce forgiveness, or you choose greater forgiveness and lose the option to customize. With the Cobra King Speedzone Driver, you can have both. This driver offers you the ability to customize launch and spin without sacrificing forgiveness. It's at a competitive price compared to others in the category like the Callaway Mavrik, TaylorMade SIM, Ping G410 and Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 drivers.

Room to Improve on the Cobra King F9 Speedback?

It was released in 2019 to compete with the Callaway Epic Flash and TaylorMade M5 and M6 at a significantly lower price and was ranked as one of the top drivers of the year. So, what improvements can you expect with the 2020 Cobra Speedzone driver? It’s easier than ever to hit a great shot (including draws and fades.)

You’ll also notice improved dispersion over the 2019 F9 Speedback. This driver hits long and straight shots right out of the box, even before customizations. As with most drivers, distance gains varied, but with the right customization, gains of 20-30 yards are attainable.

cobra king speedzone top view of head profile

What is Speedzone Technology?

The Cobra Speedzone is marketed as the company’s fastest driver ever. So, what technology did they develop in order to achieve this? The name Speedzone takes its inspiration from Formula 1 race cars. The focus here is on optimizing 6 different “zones of speed” as Cobra calls them. Here’s an overview of each zone:

  • CNC Milled infinity face - expands the zone of maximum ball speed
  • Titanium speed chassis - T-bar chassis reduced amount of Titanium to create a stronger frame and improve stability
  • 360 Carbon Wrap crown - wrap covers 50% of the chassis to add stiffness to the body while reducing weight, which increases forgiveness
  • Speedback weighting - Lower CG for a more efficient energy transfer to produce high launch with low spin
  • Speedback aero shape - to improve acceleration power
  • High MOI design - weight is positioned around the perimeter to help straighten mishits
cobra king speedzone driver face

Design and Performance - Xtreme and Tour Length options

The Cobra Kind Speedzone driver has bold styling with a glossy black head, yellow graphics and red detail. It definitely stands out. You also have the option to go with a matte black head and white graphics for a more subtle look. The graphics fit the name and you can see a common theme of race cars throughout the design and performance of this driver.

The head features a 360 degree carbon wrap and infinity face, with a traditional head shape.
You’ll have good control over where the ball is going and a strong sound at impact. This gives players a confident feeling at the tee. The Xtreme model has more stability and forgiveness upon impact. The Tour length is inspired by Ricky Fowler’s driver on tour, at 44.5 inches long. The standard Cobra Speedzone driver length is 45.5.”

Customization Options for Cobra King Speedzone Driver

Drivers that offer greater forgiveness often lose the ability to customize. This isn’t the case with the Cobra King Speedzone. It’s available for both left and right handed golfers, with a 9 or 10.5 degree loft. There are four shaft flex options (Lite, Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff) and five shaft options including:

  • Aldila Rogue Silver 60
  • HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60
  • Tensei AV Blue 65
  • UST Helium 4
  • UST Helium 5
cobra king speedzone side profile

Mobile Technology Improves Performance

The Cobra Speedzone driver integrates with a mobile app called Arccos, which provides data and acts like a virtual caddy. So, how does it work? There’s a sensor embedded in the Cobra Connect grip that pairs with the app. The result is that you get information on performance, straight to your phone, that helps you make better playing decisions.

Which Pros Use Cobra Speedzone Drivers?

  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Ricky Fowler
  • Jason Dufner
  • Lexi Thompson (LPGA)

Cobra KING Speedzone vs. Speedzone XTREME driver

Feature Speedzone Speedzone Xtreme
Handicap 0 to 10 10 to 25
Head size 460cc 460cc
Profile Traditional Oversize
Adjustable Weight Y N
Performance Control & Workability Max Forgiveness
Launch (degrees) 9, 10.5 10.5, 12
Spin Low Mid-low

Should You Choose a Cobra King Speedzone driver?

Cobra has produced some of the most affordable (yet high performance) drivers in the last few years of Golf Equipment. If you like a driver with sharp looks, forgiveness and options to customize, the Cobra King Speedzone would be a great choice for you. Check out the GolfLink guide to buying a golf driver for more helpful information.

The main drawbacks here are if you like a driver with a smaller face or don’t need added forgiveness. In that case, you’d want to look at a driver like the TaylorMade SIM. The Cobra King Speedzone is a crowd pleaser, and it would be a great addition to the bags of most golfers.

About the Author

Amy Masand is a Junior Editor at GolfLink.